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‘Paradise’ is Just Another Indie Rock EP

Good effort but delivers nothing new
Wishy makes an attempt at creating a name for themselves as new artists in the industry.
Grade: B-
Photo Credit: Wishy

I’m very familiar with alternative music, the variety of messages they convey, and the ways they do it. The alternative genre allows for creative freedom that sounds otherworldly compared to more popular music genres. Wishy and their latest five-song EP, Paradise, fit perfectly in this niche and uniquely accompanies the messages it sends about life. 

Being rather new to the music creation scene, the Indiana-based band  has only been making music since 2021. Their first and second EPs were released within six months of each other in 2023. Their unique music mixing creates an environment that effectively conveys their messages on some of life’s difficulties.

The EP opens with the song “Paradise,” breaking through with a simple guitar and smoothing into drums. I think this being the first introduction to the album fits and functions well as a start. The blend and combination of the instruments and vocals work well and morph together to create an auditory bliss. The song begins with the tone of a pop-punk production, but the energy shifts as the lyrics are introduced. It transforms the intentions of the music and brings down the “pop” portion of the pop-punk. The mellow vocals speak out “Just let me lean in ’til we fly away / You can own your heart and I’ll just stow away.” I like these lyrics being delivered quietly with a heartwarming message of being able to rely on other people.

Unsurprisingly, the second song, “Donut” starts out the same way: loud musical introductions and an entry of vocals that are a bit too quiet to understand. The clear difference between the lyrics and musical background is nice when switching verses. The backing track grows quiet and moves the focus of those few seconds onto the vocals. Lyrics such as “Bet you didn’t think I’d make it this far” lead into this silence, emphasizing these lyrics specifically. This message could be taken as a notion of living through difficult moments despite what everyone thought.

Unlike the two previous songs, the third song, “Spinning,” opens to the sound of a drum and slyly introduces the electric guitar. The beginning of this song sounds upbeat and hopeful, unlike the other tracks with a more intense and melancholic energy. This change poses irony and contrasts with the lyrics, “I’m starting to feel like it’s not just me anymore / I say and do the things that I’m supposed to / So where did I go wrong / And needed me for so long.” These lyrics feel dim and depressing, showing Wishy’s reflection on the effect other people can have on someone’s life; doing the things they’re meant to but it still going wrong because it’s outside of their control. 

The EP takes a different route with its fourth track, “Blank Time”. The vocals in this track are leveled up loud enough to understand. This addition along with the more dynamic and interesting instruments added to the background of this song; a variety of electronic bops and synths. The delivery of this song feels much more put together. Of any of the songs, I think this one feels the most fleshed out. 

The opening of “Too True,” the final song on the EP, is also one to be a fan of. Again in this song, the vocals tend to get a little drowned out by the rest of the production, but it works in their favor here. It takes on a more indie rock persona, with the intense drums and guitar and lyrics such as, “Open up your eyes, you can see what I see / Learning to survive, only half empty don’t bother me.” It ties the EP up well and draws a solid conclusion.

This EP is a solid introduction to Wishy as an artist. Every song has its own little differences, but are all clearly made by the same artist. They’ve created a style of music that works for them and remains consistent across their discography. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but Wishy would benefit from continuing to create music and making new, more creative additions to this scene.

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