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Treat your taste buds at Better Days Coffee & Acai

Explore fruity flavors and blends
Transform your day with acai bowls, coffee, and other treats. Grade: B+

10595 Discovery Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Everyday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Accepts cash, credit card, Apple Pay

Hidden by towering medical buildings and tucked into a brick corner, Better Days makes little effort to conform with the dull scenery. Proud to stand with their promise of delivering better days to customers, I was drawn in by the promise of acai bowls instead. I’ve never tried one, so I decided to give into my curiosity and take a shot on Better Days.

When I arrived on the scene, I was hit with a puzzle. The countless medical facilities were maze-like, and directed me through several buildings before stopping between a bike store, chiropractor office, and a dead-end. I was honestly disappointed and ready to turn around before spotting a hint of a white umbrella and large letters spelling “Better Days.”

Inside of Better Days (Venice Jingco)

Inside, the store was completely different from its unassuming exterior. The interior was spacious and homey, reminding me of a desert oasis or rustic inn. For what appeared to be a small café, the furniture was deliberately arranged to make the room feel much larger. Even so, the most striking aspect of “Better Days” was the customers; everyone was invariably seated with a laptop or pile of paperwork in front of them. And if that wasn’t enough, the people beside me were engaged in what sounded like an important meeting.

I began to scan the menu, which mostly consisted of fruity dishes and drinks. I was drawn in by the paragraph of ingredients under the acai bowls; unfamiliar ingredients like goji berries, bee pollen, butterfly pea dust, and blue majik especially.

12 oz Mellow Bowl ($12) (Venice Jingco)

I’ve never tried an acai bowl, so I had high expectations for the Mellow Bowl ($12). As a pricey bowl the size of my baby hands, I was suspicious to say the least. However, my doubts were quickly dispelled when I took my first bite, breaching the wall of granola. The container left no room to scoop or stir; but this could also count as a positive for getting my money’s worth. To my delight, the ube took centerstage on my taste buds, blending well with the acai, fruit, and granola chunks. Although the sudden tartness of the dried cranberry ruined some bites, there wasn’t enough to be a nuisance.

16 oz Desert Paradise ($10) (Venice Jingco)

The Desert Paradise ($10) was next; a fitting name for the restaurant’s oasis aesthetic. The smoothie was an unbelievably vibrant orange and pink with dragon fruit seeds floating about. Made with mango, dragon fruit, pineapple and passion fruit, I could taste each ingredient. Despite my preference for sweet drinks, the sour, tart flavor was addicting. Because of this, the drink didn’t suit my taste preferences, so I likely won’t order it again. However, I feel like Desert Paradise would make a big splash with healthy smoothie lovers.

Better Days Avo ($12) (Venice Jingco)

To finish off, I ordered a toast named after the establishment itself, Better Days Avo ($12). It was marked as a house favorite, and I was excited to see what a fancy avocado toast would look like. When it arrived, the first detail I noticed was the perfectly toasted bread and the overflowing avocado with a mountain of seasoning. Needless to say, it already lived up to my expectations. The avocado itself was well-seasoned, and the halved cherry tomatoes added another layer of acidity which greatly enhanced the flavor. In spite of this, there was one major flaw; it was overwhelmingly seasoned. Scattered throughout were drops of chili oil and feta, which added unnecessary complexity and saltiness to the already tasty avocado. If this dish were simplified, it would’ve been perfect; otherwise, it was still my favorite out of the three dishes.

By the end of my visit, I realized why the majority of customers were studying or working— the atmosphere was relaxing. The warm lighting was lively and the wooden chairs were comfy. Initially, I was tense stepping into an environment where people were laser-focused, but I found myself relaxing after sitting down and chatting for a while.

Although the food tasted great, it wasn’t filling for a $34 meal. I suspect the price originates from the exclusive-sounding ingredients they use in each item. This is definitely a home for healthy food influencers and people with important jobs, explaining the myriad of people with work laptops. Either way, it certainly brightened my day to unwind with my mom. Maybe on a rare occasion I’ll visit again and bring my own study material.


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