Too sick to function

Too sick to function

Being sick has many negative side effects on a person, with only a few positive effects.<br>Photo Credit: Shantil Gamiao
Being sick has many negative side effects on a person, with only a few positive effects.
Photo Credit: Shantil Gamiao

The past few weeks, I have seen spewing the remnants of any food I have in my body right into the toilet. This was due to the fact that I was sick to the point where I was rushing towards the bathroom every few hours or so. I could not eat something delicious, without it coming right back up.

This caused me to be isolated at home without any friends. However, I managed to find a new best friend that was located in my bathroom right next to the sink. That’s right, the toilet was my best friend. It was always there for me when I needed it.

Being sick has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. Sneezing, coughing, and being the laziest person in the world is something that I just do not want to be feeling when I wake up. I guess there are benefits to being sick too. Like being able to stay home, sleeping, and even being able to skip school for a day or two, but the consequences that come with being sick greatly outnumber the positives.

If you are a person like me, making someone sick is the last thing you want to do. However, something even worse than being sick yourself is having someone else contaminate you. Although these situations can be controlled, people still have a tendency to forget about personal hygiene or personal space and infect you with whatever illness they have in a matter of seconds.

I absolutely despise the fact that some people do not care about being sick or not. The people who walk around school drinking from everyone’s beverages, touching everything you own, and disregarding your personal space are the ones that really annoy me. They should have the common sense and knowledge to not be walking around without having concern for others.

Common sense should give people the ability to know the difference between being sick, and being ill to the point where you do not come to school. Take some time off, relax, and have a glass of hot tea. Take the day off and do not endanger anyone with your nasty illnesses and save them the trouble of having to miss school themselves.

Though school is important, you should not risk other people’s safety and health by going to school. Let’s face it, school is important, but missing one or two days from school will not kill you. Homework, although tedious and for the most part annoying, can be done.