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Confronting my internalized hatred

Confronting my internalized hatred More than insecurities

Eriyale Williams May 4, 2020

I was six years old when I first tried making friends. I still remember her pointing her daggers at me––like I was a criminal invading her home, as she spat “I am not friends with Black girls.”  From...

Rumor has it

Rumor has it Some traditions do not have to continue

Eriyale Williams March 14, 2020

In eleventh grade, one day after lunch, someone I knew peed their pants right in the middle of the hallway. They weren’t scared or anxious—they just had to pee. The worst part was that the story spread...

Letter to Black voters

Letter to Black voters We deserve to be heard

Eriyale Williams February 24, 2020

Dear Black voters, As a Black American woman, I learned the most powerful tool for any Black person to have is a ballot. But not everyone in our community feels urged to make their voices known. This...

PODCAST: True meaning of Valentines Day

'> PODCAST: True meaning of Valentine’s Day There's more to it than love

Some people believe that Valentine's is like any ordinary day, while others may see it as an opportunity to show that special someone how much they love them. Nonetheless, people celebrate the holiday...

PRO/CON: False reflection of our knowledge

PRO/CON: False reflection of our knowledge More than a letter grade

Eriyale Williams February 7, 2020

To read Ahmed's opposing view point, click here. For years, America has used a system of letters and percentages to rate the intelligence of students. But the efficiency of the system is flawed and...

PODCAST: Pros, cons of cancel culture

PODCAST: Pros, cons of cancel culture Sometimes it just goes too far

Charli Gisi, Eriyale Williams, and Grinesa Bajrami February 7, 2020

From social media to politics, all celebrities and influencers risk being cancelled. Although cancel culture can singlehandedly ruin a celebrities reputation, there are benefits of it on society.

Room for change

Room for change No more hiding

Eriyale Williams February 3, 2020

For a moment it seemed like the world had stopped spinning. My breathing heightened as I anticipated a response. At the end of eighth grade I came out to my closest friends, and felt the weight of my secret...

Don’t be daft, there is no draft

Don’t be daft, there is no draft Humor combating fear

Eriyale Williams January 16, 2020

Terror has swept the nation. Recently, Iran and America have been undergoing what seems to be the first steps in beginning a war. Although it is no secret that America has had tension with Iran, the harsh...

The inevitable generational divide

The inevitable generational divide Nothing personal–just the circle of life

Eriyale Williams November 20, 2019

"OK Boomer." What started as a couple of teenagers on TikTok using this new phrase for fun has turned into a generational war. Younger generations of today have been creating videos imitating the irritating...

SATIRE: Not so innocent creatures

SATIRE: Not so innocent creatures More than just body, wings

Eriyale Williams October 18, 2019

There I am just eating my lunch when I noticed a bird eyeing me. It flaps its small evil wings mockingly, as if I didn’t know it’s power. My friends try calming me down, claiming it was “just a pigeon,”...

PODCAST: The top Universal Languages

PODCAST: The top Universal Languages How we connect without speaking

Eriyale Williams and McKenna Thayer October 9, 2019

Not everyone speaks the same language, but we can still connect in various other ways; like with sharing food, appreciating art and listening to music.

Sorry, I missed your call

Sorry, I missed your call Black community understanding depression

Eriyale Williams October 4, 2019

Laying awake late at night, feeling too exhausted to leave bed, staring at walls and dissociating, ignoring calls and messages–it has taken me years to recognize that I have not become lazy, but I am...

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