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Southwest Shadow

Infographic: How To Succeed In Quarter Four

Infographic: How To Succeed In Quarter Four Top four ways to finish the year strong

Madelynn Evans April 7, 2022

How To Survive High School by Madelynn Evans [STUDENT]

Southwest Shadow Asks: Carl Reiner

Southwest Shadow Asks: Carl Reiner

Madelynn Evans March 8, 2022

Learn more about sophomore Carl Reiner.  

Mending to her plants, sophomore Christine Wu digs in the soil with her shovel. Working on farming since she was twelve, gardening has become her number one hobby“ Although gardening can become quite a labor intensive hobby, I like the work even if my back can be sore from it,” Wu said. “I can always turn to gardening for relief from the stress I feel in life. It is relaxing to sit down and focus on a plant. Its always heartwarming to see your hard work grow and bloom.” Photo Credit: Madelynn Evans

Finding Peace In Gardening: Meet Christine Wu Battling stress one plant at a time through a healing garden

Madelynn Evans January 28, 2022

As sophomore Christine Wu stands up from her position in her flower bed, she brushes soil off her clothes and shakes the dirt out of her gloves. She marvels at her progress; her eyes raking over the abundance...

PODCAST: School Safety

PODCAST: School Safety

Madelynn Evans and Crystalyn Estabillo January 26, 2022

There are many ways administration keeps us safe, such as ensuring specific rules are followed or keeping track of who leaves or enters campus. On the contrary, there are also ways we could improve the...

Students conduct the “fire bubbles” experiment which includes creating a reaction using fire and hydrogen peroxide. They worked together and used their critical thinking skills, along with following directions, to successfully complete the lab.  “I love labs,” Sager said. “I love reacting things because sometimes labs fail and then you have to troubleshoot.”
 Photo Credit: Madelynn Evans

Chemistry sophomores participate in different lab stations Mixing different chemicals together to visually detect reactions, students are learning through demonstrations

Madelynn Evans October 23, 2021

Starting a series of chemical reaction labs, sophomores in Chemistry teacher Theresa Sager's classes are learning how atoms react to each other based on mixing chemicals.   “Labs make it exciting...

Students in P.E. played volleyball, the first indoor sport of the year, and new limitations came from the masks.. ¨I think wearing masks inside during pe is annoying and to be honest does little to nothing to prevent the spread. But personally I really like volleyball and I like my team¨ sophomore Daniela Hernandez said. Madelynn Evans [STUDENT], Now
 Photo Credit: Alexa Rondez

Mask mandate stifles indoor physical education activities Many students are glad to finally have in-person P.E. while others are condoning the mask mandate

Madelynn Evans September 27, 2021

Due to the CCSD mask mandate that went into effect in early June, students in P.E. classes across Las Vegas now have to wear mask indoors.  "Sometimes when I'm wearing a mask in the gym it's harder...

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