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Crystalyn Estabillo

Crystalyn Estabillo, Staff Writer

Hi I'm Crystalyn and I'm a staff writer for the Southwest Shadow this year. This is my first year in Journalism II, and I'm nervous to see what happens this year :)

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Technology and Entertainment, It’s All A Mind Game

September 14, 2022

Wake up. Grab your phone. Scroll through social media for long periods of time. A typical routine for Generation Z. One of Generation Z’s defining features is the connection between social media and...

Painting the base layer for each board, seniors Gurleen Swaich and Juliana Borruso prepare for the design portion of the project. The journalism staff stayed after school to decorate each teachers boards to their own specifications. I really hope that teachers appreciate this small gesture because as journalism kids we definitely annoy them and I think this will show that we are thankful for them putting up with us, Editor-in-Chief Gurleen Swaich said.  Photo Credit: Crystalyn Estabillo

Journalism staff Creates Customized Gifts for Teachers

May 4, 2022
Journalism II students work together to paint and design small boards for each teacher.
Academic validation is when a student relies on their academics to feel recognized as an individual. What many don’t realize is how draining constantly worrying about your grades and pushing yourself to only do your best in school really is in the mind of a teenager.
 Art Credit: Crystalyn Estabillo

Academic Validation: Is it Really Worth All The Stress?

April 13, 2022
Pushing oneself past personal limits for a 4.0 GPA is not worth it.


March 30, 2022
Find out some fun facts about sophomore Jacob Benedicto in this video questionnaire.
For the past two years, it has been normal for students to go out in public with some sort of facial covering for their health and safety. Nevada’s mask mandate was lifted at the beginning of this year, so sophomore Madison Davis stopped wearing her mask in public. “I hope that things will be able to go back to how they were pre-pandemic,” Davis said. “I think that we have come a long way from where we first started, but hopefully things will get better.”

A New Mask-Free Era

March 24, 2022
When will students start to feel comfortable going out without their facial coverings on?
An Hour In... Chemistry Honors

An Hour In… Chemistry Honors

March 14, 2022
Chemistry Honors students expand their knowledge on types of chemical reactions.
Where Are They Now: Mary Micaella Intal

Where Are They Now: Mary Micaella Intal

March 10, 2022
Take a look into the life of 2018 graduate, Mary Micaella Intal.
Lifehacks: Stress Relieving Edition

Lifehacks: Stress Relieving Edition

February 25, 2022
Stress is one feeling that is hard to avoid throughout life, but these hacks will help ease that unnecessary tension.
Working together to color code their electrical wire diagram, seniors Joshua Yero and Abigail Battaglia differentiate which wires connect to each other. Students in Engineering III learned how to connect the different components of an electrical car together. “Since I have a good understanding of how the diagram works, I think I should have an easy time wiring the electric car,” Battaglia said. “I also hope to offer any help to my group wherever it is needed.”  Photo Credit: Crystalyn Estabillo

Engineering III students start work on their electric car

February 4, 2022
They are starting with hands-on wiring of the vehicle.
PODCAST: School Safety

PODCAST: School Safety

January 26, 2022
In this episode, listen to all the ways our school keeps us safe from everything going on, as well as the ways we could improve our school safety.
Six Artists You Should Be Listening To: December 2021 Edition

Six Artists You Should Be Listening To: December 2021 Edition

November 21, 2021
In need of new music? Check out these artists.
PODCAST: The Fears of Growing Older

PODCAST: The Fears of Growing Older

November 17, 2021
The future is daunting, and growing up itself can be a scary thought.
Q&A: After Fridays Tragic Events at the Astroworld Music Festival, What are Some Precautions Festival Promoters Should Consider Putting in Place?

Q&A: After Friday’s Tragic Events at the Astroworld Music Festival, What are Some Precautions Festival Promoters Should Consider Putting in Place?

November 13, 2021
We ask students what precautions festival promoters should put in place after the tragic events that occurred at the Astroworld music festival.
Hard at work, sophomores Angelynne Tiangco and Kelliya Kedora help each other finish their assignment. Students collaborated together during their Chemistry Honors class to complete their ionic compounds worksheet. “I’m very happy to say that my grades are doing very well this quarter and I hope that it stays like that for the rest of my years in school,” Tiangco said. “I’ve been really bad about keeping myself organized and staying on top of things, that I’ve gotten into the habit of doing things last minute, as well as getting distracted very easily. While I’m doing very well in my classes, the process behind it has been the opposite.”  Photo Credit: Crystalyn Estabillo

A Look Into Second Quarter

November 2, 2021
Students work to finish their assignments and accomplish their goals, as the semester advances.
An Hour In ... Chemistry Honors

An Hour In … Chemistry Honors

October 25, 2021
Students participated in a series of mini-group labs to better their understanding of chemical and physical reactions.
Where Are They Now: Tiffany Ceria

Where Are They Now: Tiffany Ceria

October 22, 2021
Take a look into the life of 2018 graduate, Tiffany Ceria.
Speaking to students, Dental Assisting teacher Kirsten Winfield talks about the rules of working in the lab. Students listened to the rules they must follow for their safety as well as others in the lab. “I absolutely miss working with kids in the labs because its reiterating what they’ve learned,” Winfield said. “We’re taking that theory we learned and we talked about last year, and actually applying it to real life circumstances.” Photo Credit: Daphney Garcia Hatton

Dental Science II Students Begin The Real Dental Experience

October 13, 2021
As the school year progresses, more opportunities to work in the lab arise for Dental Science II students.
  Showing the luncheon schedule to culinary student Gabrielle Bagtas, Chef Michael Hadobas explains the tasks she must complete. Students aided in preparations for the Straight A Luncheon. “When we’re in the heat of the moment and we’re sending out food, everything’s just working smoothly and all the students are at their stations, doing what’s expected of them, and everyone’s communicating well,” Hadobas said. “Those are the moments for me that Im like, this is why I teach what I teach.”  Photo Credit: Dean Carrasco

Straight A Luncheon returns for the school year

September 27, 2021
As the school year back on campus began, many traditions return for students and staff. The Straight A Luncheon has returned to honor hardworking students for the second semester of the 2020-21 school year.