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Southwest Shadow

Southwest Shadow

Southwest Shadow

Pulling a shot of espresso and managing a newspaper staff is strangely similar.
 Photo Credit: Alex Nedelcu

Barista vs. Journalist

September 4, 2014

Two pumps of Nutella, pull the shot, steam the milk, pour it in (make it look pretty) and repeat. Write words, manage staff, post stories, take photos (and make them look pretty) and repeat. The...

Winning a Silver Crown award at Columbia University this spring in New  York City was a reflection of our perseverance as a staff. I hope this perseverance lasts throughout senior year as well.  Photo Credit: Columbia University staff member

Senioritis: unavoidable or not?

May 26, 2014

“Is your story done?” “No.” “Have you taken the photos of the event last Wednesday?” “Oh my gosh, I was supposed to take those?” “Do you remember what I told you last...

Last weekends adventure to the Las Vegas Strip alone was a great photography experience and also a chance to eat pizza. It is always pizza time.  Photo Credit: Alex Nedelcu

Finding contentment in solitude

May 1, 2014

There are many aspects of the world and everyday life that make you nearly want to rip out a few hairs and spend an afternoon crying. On the other hand, a lot of aspects of life are beautiful and worth...

This plastic life-size cow in Coronado island was enough to make my day.
 Photo Credit: Jorge Carerra

Fourteen things I (REALLY) love

April 25, 2014

Whether you are a fan of raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, many people can say that they love more than one aspect of life. I, for one, constantly forget to appreciate the blessings presented...

My birthday last year was a perfect mix of my favorite restaurant, accompanied by my family.  Photo Credit: Alex Nedelcu

Sweet (sixteen) seventeen

April 8, 2014

“Dear me, one year from now, you will have your first car, and you will drive.” This statement was written on a hot pink piece of paper that I found perfectly set out amongst old school assignments....

After singing Youre Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile on a loop in my hotel room, I decided to complete my outfit.  Photo Credit: Jen Chiang

New York, I love you.

March 27, 2014

This may be a little too forward. We don’t know each other that well quite yet and I know we just started seeing each other, but I have to say this: I love you. Yes, New York, I love you. I love you...

Balancing the world on my shoulders and in my arms is sometimes too much to handle.  Photo Credit: Purna Patel

The world is breaking my shoulders

March 13, 2014

Essays. Photos. Coriolis effect. Tests. Quadratic formula. Column. Eat! Just kidding, you have to dissect a sheep’s trachea (YUM!). Sleep! No, don’t. Do your homework! Do the laundry! Breathe! Run...

Sitting around, listening to music and reminiscing will not help me cope with my friends departures.  Photo Credit: Purna Patel

I’m not Rob Thomas, but I don’t wanna be lonely (EVER)

March 6, 2014

Do you ever wish you could freeze moments and just live them for longer than just a few minutes or seconds? I sure felt like that last week when my best friend and I were in the car together, our favorite...

Tapping on my shoulder and chewing food is a double whammy of annoyance.  Photo Credit: Justin Tolentino

Seven things I (REALLY) hate

February 27, 2014

“Alex, please don’t get mad, but…” Alas, folks, here is the number one conversation starter that truly drives me insane. When you start a conversation with “don’t get mad” or “no offense,”...

Sometimes you have to wind down and look at the positive sides of life before finding yourself again.  Photo Credit: Purna Patel

The breakup breakdown

February 17, 2014

Breakups are tough. No matter how long the relationship lasted, or if it was even considered a relationship at all, being accustomed to a person and then having to walk away is not easy. Nobody wrote...

Having a sign that would negate the fact that someone would be asking for a date to Sadies makes more sense when avoiding rejection.  Photo Credit: Purna Patel

Dude! Do you want to be asked to Sadies?

Alex Nedelcu February 6, 2014

The cafeteria is roaring. There are ooh’s and aah's coming from circular tables. Everyone’s attention is on the couple at the front of the room, hugging and laughing. There is pink, red, and white...

Photo Credit: Alex Nedelcu

A column about columns

January 30, 2014

“First of all, let me get one thing straight: ‘Alex’s Madness’ is a COLUMN. NOT. A. BLOG!” I walked off, tears in my eyes, but not because I was sad; because I was appalled at the amount of...

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