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Southwest Shadow

Unpaid internships in the United States hurt both college students and young adults alike. Yet, thousands of Americans still take up the position for various reasons, including college credit and work experience. But in the end, the benefits don’t fit the cost. Photo Credit: Rhamil Taguba


September 7, 2022

Biden’s astounding move to cancel billions of dollars of loans has kept millions of young and old Americans alike celebrating their freedom from serious financial burden. However, the Biden Administration’s...

The end of an era

The end of an era

Ahmed Ahmed May 25, 2022
All good things must come to an end.
Beware the Blame America Firsters

Beware the Blame America Firsters

Ahmed Ahmed May 6, 2022
On the far-right and far-left, fiction triumphs facts on Russia.
The Presidents statement in Poland initiated a panic within The White House, but their efforts to divert his statement are futile considering the damage has already been done.  Photo Credit: The White House

Biden’s objectionable backtracking

Rhamil Taguba April 5, 2022
Is The White House too late to correct Biden's mistake?
Trumps GOP critics are not your friends

Trump’s GOP critics are not your friends

Ahmed Ahmed March 21, 2022
If you think Trump is the only threat to the republic, I have some real estate in Birmingham to sell you.
The world watches as major conflict arises in eastern Europe, but is the U.S. even capable of solving such a disaster? Photo Credit: Frankie Fouganthin

The case for avoiding war with Russia

Rhamil Taguba March 10, 2022
Putin's tyrannical invasion has left the world on the brink of nuclear disaster, but is Biden capable of dealing such mounting pressure?
Why debate matters

Why debate matters

Ahmed Ahmed February 20, 2022
I love debate more than anything. And I’ll continue to love it for decades after my last match.
The Kansas City Chiefs’s rising quarterback shows future potential to take over the NFL as the greatest of all time, knocking off Tom Brady’s two decade reign. Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels


Rhamil Taguba February 1, 2022
The quarterback is the core position in a football team - will the Chiefs’s QB topple down the rest of the league?
Progressives declare war on Biden’s push for opening schools

Progressives declare war on Biden’s push for opening schools

Ahmed Ahmed February 1, 2022
Closing down schools has drawbacks advocates don’t consider.
Meta’s new console poses several benefits, but can it beat out what traditional gaming consoles have to offer? Photo Credit: Maximilian Prandstätter


Rhamil Taguba January 27, 2022
Meta’s newest VR console is taking strides in a new gaming world.
Make Kamala Harris cool again

Make Kamala Harris cool again

Ahmed Ahmed December 3, 2021
The new wave of soft-on-crime progressivism hurts the communities it tries to protect.
Supreme Court of the United States ends marriage discrimination - Obergefell vs Hodges

The ghosts of the gay marriage debate

Ahmed Ahmed November 5, 2021
Gay marriage used to be so politically toxic that Democrats ran away from it, but the policy is now wildly popular with Americans.