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The Presidents statement in Poland initiated a panic within The White House, but their efforts to divert his statement are futile considering the damage has already been done.  Photo Credit: The White House

'> Biden’s objectionable backtracking The White House Administration's attempts to reverse the President’s gaffe are pitiful and useless

Rhamil Taguba April 5, 2022

“For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power.” President Biden’s latest speech in Poland, adjacent to the war-torn Ukraine, had the White House scrambling to craft a statement downplaying...

The world watches as major conflict arises in eastern Europe, but is the U.S. even capable of solving such a disaster? Photo Credit: Frankie Fouganthin

The case for avoiding war with Russia President Biden isn’t up to the job

Rhamil Taguba March 10, 2022

Nuclear war looms as Putin began his invasion on eastern Ukraine after sending troops to two separate regions of Ukraine, declaring them as independent states. Despite this, negotiations are failing due...

The Kansas City Chiefs’s rising quarterback shows future potential to take over the NFL as the greatest of all time, knocking off Tom Brady’s two decade reign. Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels

MAHOMES MAY SURPASS BRADY’S LEGACY Star NFL player is creating a new era after nail-biting game against the Buffalo Bills

Rhamil Taguba February 1, 2022

The 26 year old Kansas City Chiefs’, who led the win against the San Francisco 49’s back in the 2020 Super Bowl, was recently eliminated by Joe Burrow's Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC championships,...

Meta’s new console poses several benefits, but can it beat out what traditional gaming consoles have to offer? Photo Credit: Maximilian Prandstätter

THE ‘OCULUS QUEST 2’ IS THE PERFECT GATEWAY TO A NEW REALITY Zuckerberg’s innovation poses more benefits than expected

Rhamil Taguba January 27, 2022

Virtual reality is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around since the 1960’s, when Ivan Sutherland created the Sword of Damocles, a huge, expensive, and seemingly inefficient contraption. Yet, the Oculus...

The recent efforts by ROBLOX to push Rthro avatar sets is somewhat of a failure when compared to the original sets. Yet, ROBLOX still pursues Rthro related projects. Photo Credit: Rhamil Taguba

ROBLOX, GIVE UP ON RTHRO A recent trend regarding the structure of avatars is a creepy mess

Rhamil Taguba November 2, 2021

ROBLOX, the popular gaming platform, has exploded in growth both in profits and players within the last four years. The platform, which I play almost daily, is characterized mainly by the “blockiness”...

While Biden’s capacity for office continues to go under fire after his latest mess in Afghanistan, his approval ratings continue to plummet. Republicans across the nation are calling for his impeachment in this latest outrage over Biden’s well-being. Photo Credit: Center for American Progress Action Fund

BIDEN, TAKE A COGNITIVE TEST Is the most powerful man in the world mentally competent to lead the nation?

Rhamil Taguba September 27, 2021

There's a fair share of discussion within the world of American politics about Biden's mental competency. Most of the argument stems from the Republican Party, who’s made countless claims doubting the...

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