Star NFL player is creating a new era after nail-biting game against the Buffalo Bills


The Kansas City Chiefs’s rising quarterback shows future potential to take over the NFL as the greatest of all time, knocking off Tom Brady’s two decade reign. Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels

Rhamil Taguba

The 26 year old Kansas City Chiefs’, who led the win against the San Francisco 49’s back in the 2020 Super Bowl, was recently eliminated by Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC championships, cutting Mahomes’s third run for the trophy. Patrick Mahomes, who hoped to be drafted into the MLB like his father, transitioned to football in college and was drafted 10th in the first round pick. Now, he’s signed to a 10-year contract worth up to $503 million.

After throwing an amazing 123.1 QB rating, which is a calculation based on the quarterback’s performance, pass completions, and touchdown/intercept percentages, in the conference semifinals against the Bills, which ended with an overtime touchdown, Mahomes is paving the road for his third Super Bowl in a row. Within four years of leading the Chiefs, he’s already established a legacy within the NFL. However, will Mahomes be able to overcome Tom Brady’s, who is considered the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time), menacing seven championships record?

Regardless of Mahomes’s excruciating loss against the football luminary in the 2021 Super Bowl and his recent elimination against the Bengals in a gut-wrenching overtime field goal, it’s safe to say that Mahomes has an excellent chance of surpassing Brady within the same timespan Brady’s been in the NFL: 21 years.

For starters, it’s astonishing to see Mahomes’s stats so far. Within the five seasons since he’s been drafted, his QB ratings average out to over 100, and his complete throws are within the 60% range. And the ratio between touchdowns and interceptions – 151:37, or 4.08:1 – is an accomplishment itself. He’s the second QB in NFL history to throw 50 touchdowns and 5,000 passing yards in one season.


Of course, I need to give credit to Brady’s lengthy career. Brady throws a near 100 on his average rating and within the past seasons has been throwing similar completion ratings reaching within the 4,000 passing yard range. And while a 624:203 (3.07:1) touchdown to interception ratio is considerably lower than Mahomes, one does have to consider Brady’s age.

However, comparing Mahomes’s and Brady’s first five seasons, the difference is apparent. Unlike Brady, Mahomes has been able to establish his legacy within such a short period of time, truly making him one of the most interesting rising stars of all time. The average rating for Brady’s first five seasons is a 78.6. The amount of power and effectiveness Mahomes has had on the Chiefs is comparable to Brady and the New England Patriots, but Mahomes has achieved his rates in a smaller time period than Brady has.

As long as he stays healthy, there’s almost no reason why his performance should deteriorate, especially at such a young age. And with Brady’s recent elimination and talks of his retirement, Mahomes can ease up a little.

Tom Brady’s legacy in the NFL is definitely not short of magnificent and inspirational, but with the explosive rate Mahomes continues to display, his own legacy may just solidify him in the future as the true GOAT.

Do you think Patrick Mahomes will surpass Tom Brady’s legacy?