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Rhamil Taguba, Managing Editor

Hi! I'm Rhamil and I'm a columnist for Southwest Shadow. This year is my final year, and I hope to give a more interesting insight to all my readers!

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Theres just too many games, so I didnt feel the need to buy it, site-based technician Roderick Alimusa said. If I had the money, I would buy it, but the games take too much time and the grind is tough. My favorite Pokémon game so far however is  Pokémon Crystal Version because of the story line.

Q&A: Did you buy the new Pokémon game “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet”?

November 21, 2022
Students and teachers discuss the new Pokémon game.
The debate against gun control is popular with millions of conservative Americans today. But the prevention of firearm safety throughout several states like Texas has time and time again led to violence and death. Photo Credit: Fibonacci Blue

COLUMN: Republicans are failing when it comes to gun control

November 17, 2022
A look on why the conservative side of the famous gun debate is flawed.
Laughing at a joke, Engineering teacher Rizalito Nicolas brings his students to the lab. Nicolas has been preparing to introduce the four-year program to incoming students. Its a good program, because it teaches you many skills about the technology world. However, I can only take in about 40 freshmen every year for engineering, Nicolas said.

Program Area Leaders, Students Set to Welcome Prospective Coyotes

November 15, 2022
The event will have representatives from each of the program areas to welcome the community and answer questions.
The recent controversy surrounding the once invincible quarterback of the century has him struggling on the field after his 40 day retirement period. But how will the Buccaneers possibly perform efficiently if Brady is breaking? Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels

Column: Brady’s fall from grace

November 3, 2022
A look into what’s causing the NFL’s most legendary quarterback to fail.
An A-list celebrity, a revolutionizing rapper, and a cultural icon, Ye has created an empire for himself. But a conflict with the most famous family in America has thrown Ye spiraling down a controversial path. Photo Credit: Kenny Sun

COLUMN: Someone needs to give Ye immediate help

October 25, 2022
A look into what Ye's future is now, considering how much trouble he's caused within the past year.
Using gumdrops as tokens, freshmen were able to engage in a variety of activities for this year’s Freshman Orientation. Teachers Jessica Kelly and Laura Penrod hosted dozens of incoming freshmen and discussed several topics to bolster their beginnings as a high school student. “I think they enjoyed the time we had together, it went well, Penrod said.

Student council prepares for first freshmen social

August 31, 2022
Southwest hosts event catered to freshmen.

The student impact

August 29, 2022

Reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, CCSD adopted several new grading policies for teachers to implement for a more efficient transition to in-person learning. The minimum 50% policy, suspension of punishing...

The Presidents statement in Poland initiated a panic within The White House, but their efforts to divert his statement are futile considering the damage has already been done.  Photo Credit: The White House

Biden’s objectionable backtracking

April 5, 2022
Is The White House too late to correct Biden's mistake?
The world watches as major conflict arises in eastern Europe, but is the U.S. even capable of solving such a disaster? Photo Credit: Frankie Fouganthin

The case for avoiding war with Russia

March 10, 2022
Putin's tyrannical invasion has left the world on the brink of nuclear disaster, but is Biden capable of dealing such mounting pressure?
The Kansas City Chiefs’s rising quarterback shows future potential to take over the NFL as the greatest of all time, knocking off Tom Brady’s two decade reign. Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels


February 1, 2022
The quarterback is the core position in a football team - will the Chiefs’s QB topple down the rest of the league?
Meta’s new console poses several benefits, but can it beat out what traditional gaming consoles have to offer? Photo Credit: Maximilian Prandstätter


January 27, 2022
Meta’s newest VR console is taking strides in a new gaming world.
DECA members and officers were officially inducted into the organization and were tasked to pledge a promise to the club. Their induction marks the beginning of preparation for a state-wide competition, which focuses on what the members have learned through the past year. “DECA was a good opportunity to learn about business. I felt proud for a moment, I felt like I was a part of something,” junior Jake Windon said. Photo Credit: Rhamil Taguba

New DECA Officers anticipating club’s future

December 7, 2021
DECA, the business and finance clubs, keeps its head high after inducting new members and officers.
Q&A: What are you going to buy for Black Friday?

Q&A: What are you going to buy for Black Friday?

November 28, 2021
We asked students what they planned on buying for this year's Black Friday, an annual event where retailers price their products at significant discounts.
Board President Linda Cavazos speaks to the audience and fellow board members following the revote. Cavazos has been a strong critic of Jara, voting to finalize the termination during the revote.


November 23, 2021

A nine-hour CCSD board meeting session on Thursday concluded with Trustee Irene Cepeda’s revote to reinstate formerly terminated superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara's contract, reversing the previous vote...

Gov. Steve Sisolak lifts Nevada state mask mandate. Art Credit


November 18, 2021
CCSD has board meeting on recent accusations of harassment on Dr. Jesus Jara.
The recent efforts by ROBLOX to push Rthro avatar sets is somewhat of a failure when compared to the original sets. Yet, ROBLOX still pursues Rthro related projects. Photo Credit: Rhamil Taguba


November 2, 2021
ROBLOX is pushing for a new style of avatars, one completely different from the original. But is it worth the effort?
While Biden’s capacity for office continues to go under fire after his latest mess in Afghanistan, his approval ratings continue to plummet. Republicans across the nation are calling for his impeachment in this latest outrage over Biden’s well-being. Photo Credit: Center for American Progress Action Fund


September 27, 2021
Joe Biden's mental capacity has been a long debate, especially since he's at the helm of the world's most powerful position. But is his limitations holding him, and the rest of America, back from progress?
In a national case questioning the legality of freedom of speech, another question arises regarding the authority of the American educational system: are schools allowed to moderate social media? Flickr Photo Credit: elPadawan


June 7, 2021
A discussion about a Supreme Court case challenging freedom of speech outside of school campus.
For almost 20 years, thousands of military personnel have been stationed in Afghanistan as part of a campaign devoted to battling global terorrism. But, should we really continue the struggle against extremist forces? Or should we save the lives of our own troops first? Photo Credit: Helmandblog


May 4, 2021
A look at what made the war in Afghanistan a mistake.
Through influence and appeal, Fox News and Donald Trump worked together closely to provide a leading voice in the Republican party. But, because of betrayal and misinformation, the network would soon fall from the GOP ranks. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


April 5, 2021
What led to the decline of Fox News’s ratings over the months and how they’re rebuilding the once powerful media empire.
Being guided inside the school bright and early, a new set of ninth and twelfth graders enter campus for hybrid learning. They will be receiving in-person instruction for the first half of the day. “I am happy to see students return for Cohort B,” Assistant Principal Kendra Kelley said. “I was happy to see Cohort A students on Monday and Tuesday as well. The SWCTA campus was very lonely without students. Im glad to see those who chose to return in-person and that they are well and ready to learn.” Photo Credit: Matthew LaPorte

Cohort B returns to in-person learning

March 25, 2021
Cohort B starts in-person instruction and teachers see new group of students.
Building the bridges to a covid-free world

Building the bridges to a covid-free world

March 19, 2021
The pandemic has adversely affected our country in a myriad of ways. Here, we go beyond the stats and numbers and zoom in on how each of us were impacted.


February 25, 2021
2012 graduate talks about her hopes, future, and past after taking nursing in SWCTA.
VIB: This Weekend in Las Vegas 02/19/21

VIB: This Weekend in Las Vegas 02/19/21

February 25, 2021 

During todays press conference, Superintendent Jesus Jara announced the expansion of the hybrid school model for additional grades. He also announced for plans to open schools fully for the 2022 school year. As we continue to open safely, slowly, and carefully, we cant go backwards, we go forwards. It all depends on the mitigation strategies, we have great ones in place, Jara said. Photo Credit: Taylor Wilcox


February 24, 2021
CCSD superintendent announces hybrid operations for schools across the valley.
Q&A: What do you think about Trumps acquittal?

Q&A: What do you think about Trump’s acquittal?

February 17, 2021
SWCTA students respond to Donald Trump's second acquittal from impeachment.
Several vaccines are currently being distributed to frontline workers and at-risk populations, but Biden may not be able to distribute it fast enough to achieve “herd immunity.” Photo Credit: Adam Schultz

COVID-19 Vaccine: Can Biden handle the response?

February 5, 2021
A discussion about bureautic incompetency and whether President Biden can handle vaccine distribution.
After several attempts by incumbent President Donald Trump to overturn election results, he rallied supporters into interrupting the election confirmation hearing. However, the protest turned into a riot as protestors broke into and vandalized the building. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Second Impeachment: Is another snap at Trump necessary?

January 20, 2021
A discussion about government influence, the raid on the Capitol, and the future of politics.
Rhythmically moving her body to the sound of hip hop, senior Sandra Amores practices in her garage late at night. For years, Amores has been practicing in her garage as a way for her to manifest her emotions physically. “I can express myself however I want without saying anything,” Amores said.

Moving to the Groove: Meet Sandra Amores

January 19, 2021
Professional dancer, senior Sandra Amores looks forward to her career as a dancer or dance teacher.
Holding the “envelope” of the balloon up, sophomore Landon Sims and his brother assemble their own hot-air balloon at sunrise. Initially fascinated by the process it took to assemble the hot air balloon, Sims began to learn how to fly in one. “I got really attracted to it when I got to experience helping out, then getting to fly in it as the reward later on.” (Photo Credit: Landon Sims)

Exploring from the Skies: Meet Landon Sims

December 10, 2020
Aspiring ballooner takes to the skies after meeting with an experienced pilot.
PODCAST: 2020 Election Wrap-Up

PODCAST: 2020 Election Wrap-Up

December 10, 2020
With the election wrapping up, our four hosts describe what they saw.
PODCAST: Trusting Political Media

PODCAST: Trusting Political Media

November 24, 2020
The four of us discuss the role that the media plays in politics and distributing truthful information.
The CCSD Board of Trustees began discussing the new hybrid operational plan. Guided by state recommendations, the plan was initially called to be implemented, but was delayed afterwards. Make no mistake, we are suffering here in Clark County, and as we enter here in the winter months, our challenges will increase exponentially. But the future of our children is on the line, CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara said. (Photo Credit: Rhamil Taguba)

School Board postpones vote on hybrid model

November 15, 2020
The school board’s decision to postpone the vote may leave some confused.
Analysis: Election 2020 Endorsements: Who deserves to win?

Analysis: Election 2020 Endorsements: Who deserves to win?

October 26, 2020
Ahmed and Rhamil give their election endorsements for the 2020 election.
Judge Douglas Herndon presides over a court hearing while Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo speaks with voters. Both men are running to replace retiring judge Mark Gibbons for the State Supreme Court. (Photo Credit: Douglas Herndon, Ozzie Fumo)

Nevada Supreme Court: Herndon vs Fumo

October 25, 2020
Two authors endorse a judicial candidate for Seat D on the State Supreme Court.
Daniel Big Dan Rodimer (R) speaks with students from the Advanced Training Institute while Rep. Susie Lee (D) speaks at a briefing in Washington D.C. Both candidates are running for Nevadas 3rd Congressional District, which includes Henderson and Southern Las Vegas. (Photo Credit: Dan Rodimer, Susie Lee)

United States Congress: Rodimer vs Lee

October 25, 2020
A discussion on which candidate should win the race for Congress.
President Donald Trump (R) speaks at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference while Joe Biden (D) speaks at the 2019 Iowa Federation of Labor Convention. Both men are running to win the U.S. Presidential election. (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore)

United States President: Trump vs Biden?

October 23, 2020
Two authors debate on which presidential candidate deserves to win the 2020 election.
Separated by plexiglass, Senator Kamala Harris (D-Cali) and Vice President Mike Pence (R) debate in a televised program moderated by USA Today reporter Susan Page. The controversial debate on Wednesday discussed views on COVID-19, healthcare, China, climate change, Breonna Taylor’s murder, and Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court hearing. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Analysis: No clear winner in the vice presidential debate

October 13, 2020
Vice presidential candidates dispute points in nine different topics on Wednesday night.


October 9, 2020

We ask the same ten carefully selected questions chosen by our team to one student each week. Our focus is to help our community learn more about different people who are a part of SWCTA. We hope you enjoy...

While discussing agenda item 5.03, several board members were disconnected from the Google Meet. The meeting was delayed for forty minutes until a new one was streamed promptly. “Just like we had this evening, a challenge with the Google platform … I get these calls, emails, and text messages from teachers, parents, and students that this happens to them rather frequently,” CCSD District C Trustee Linda Young said.  Photo Credit: CCSD

CCSD Board of Trustees confirm students will not return to school in October

September 30, 2020
Trustees discuss in-person education updates regarding technological issues, the youth COVID-19 infection rate, and other issues.
An ExxonMobil factory near Chicago. Courtesy of Richard Hurd

PRO/CON: Not As Bad As It Seems

September 23, 2020
As the pandemic looms destroying essential oil industries, Big Oil turns to plastic as a saving hero.
WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Rochelle Mae Ruiz

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Rochelle Mae Ruiz

September 22, 2020
Former Respiratory Therapy student pursues a career in marketing and event planning.