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Animation II students are delving into 3D animation by creating a 3D donut and coffee cup in the animation software, Blender. For this assignment, they will follow tutorials to guide them through the process. “I am enjoying following a specific guide on how to use Blender,” sophomore Simon Tolentino said. “I feel like I am learning the necessary steps to 3D animation and I am truly enjoying it.” Photo Credit: Farhad Yazdani

Animation II Students begin learning about 3D Designing

May 17, 2021
Animation II sophomores begin making 3D donuts and coffee cups in Blender.
Due to vaccinations not being a requirement, students have the option of either taking it or opting out. The vaccinations available consist of Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax, and more. “I’m going to be taking the vaccine sometime next week and I cant wait to get it,” sophomore Hai Tong said. “After getting vaccinated I will feel more safe and confident in publicplaces.”Photo Credit: NIAID

COVID-19 vaccines now available for anyone 16 or older

April 22, 2021
With COVID-19 vaccinations being available for anyone 16 or older, students are deciding if they want to be immunized.
Board games are one of the main introductions to game design and are an important skill to learn for Digital Game II students. For this unit, students will be designing their own board game.  “I love the thought of freely designing things and board games are so simple to design making it really enjoyable,” sophomore Rayan Al Jahouri. “I feel like the further we get into the lesson the more fun and easy things are coming to me.”  Photo Credit: Unsplash

Digital Game II students learn the fundamentals of board game design

April 8, 2021
Game Design II students learn the history of board games and the techniques it takes to design them
“Pumped BMX Flow” takes a whole new spin on bicycle motocross games.  This app challenges players to achieve high scores and go through crazy obstacles.  Rating: B- Photo Credit:Yeah! Us Games

Learn a brand new wave of mobile dirt bike racing games in ‘Pumped BMX Flow’

March 26, 2021
Bringing BMX mobile gaming to a whole new level.
Building the bridges to a covid-free world

Building the bridges to a covid-free world

March 19, 2021
The pandemic has adversely affected our country in a myriad of ways. Here, we go beyond the stats and numbers and zoom in on how each of us were impacted.
Students and teachers prepare to go back to school following spring break. Although many technical details seem to be out of place, CCSD is trying their best to help students and parents understand the new schedule. “I am excited to be able to return to in person learning,” sophomore Hai Tong said. “I didn’t hate online school but returning to see my friends and to a social environment will be great.”  Photo credit: Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Students have mixed opinions about returning to in-person learning

March 15, 2021
Students and teachers have varying opinions on returning back to school.
L2 Texas BBQ is a brand new BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas and is serving up great food.
  Rating: A- Photo Credit: Farhad Yazdani

Experience a classic dinner experience at L2 Texas BBQ

March 4, 2021
Try some fantastic BBQ at L2 Texas BBQ which servers up all you're favorite meats.
HOSA students pose for their annual group photo for the yearbook on February 19, 2020. Members are currently selecting their areas to compete in. “I enjoyed it in person a lot during my freshman year and can’t wait to compete again this April.”

HOSA members start choosing areas for competition

February 23, 2021
HOSA students prepare for SLC in April.
In order to learn more about what it takes to make a video game, students are watching video lessons from Rockstar Studios and the work they put in creating RDR2. After the video lesson, students will be taking an assessment to end the unit. “A great video game has to be graphically driven,” sophomore Hai Tong said. “If the game doesn’t have amazing graphics nowadays, it can’t be considered a top game no matter how good the story/controls are.”Photo Credit: Ulricaloeb

Game design sophomores start an intricate unit on what makes a great video game

February 16, 2021
Students are breaking down the parts of a successful game to understand story design.
Learning the unique process of making an 8-bit animation, sophomore Hai Tong works diligently to perfect his space fighter animation. Navigating 8-bit animations has been difficult for many students due to the rigorous steps, but with practice and help from Animation II teacher Jeffrey Ball, students are completing their characters in a timely manner. “I am really enjoying creating new elements for this animation. Everything is coming together as I expected,” Tong said.  Photo Credit: Hai Tong

Animation II students create 8-bit characters

February 11, 2021
Students are learning the ins and outs of original animation. 
Most Anticipated Video Games of 2021

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2021

February 4, 2021
2021 has the potential to be a phenomenal year for gaming with a bunch of great releases coming our way.


January 15, 2021
Sophomore Liban Tuni explains his path to learning the stock market and becoming successful at it.
Interior of El Taco Feliz

Experience authentic Mexican cuisine at ‘El Taco Feliz’

December 8, 2020
While the menu offerings might not be fancy, these staples of Mexican cuisine are made just right.
PODCAST: Discord Schooling

PODCAST: Discord Schooling

December 1, 2020
Student Discord server Fever Dream joins the Southwest Shadow to talk about their experience using the platform as a community.
LIFEHACKS: Computer Edition

LIFEHACKS: Computer Edition

November 23, 2020
Learn how to make your computer as efficient as possible with these Google Extension hacks.
SPARK: Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X Preview Guide

SPARK: Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X Preview Guide

November 10, 2020
With these systems coming out around the same time, here's an early comparison of the two.
LIFEHACKS: Tropical Fruit Edition

LIFEHACKS: Tropical Fruit Edition

November 5, 2020
Testing out simple food hacks by making popsicles, banana slicers and mango cups.
   This Burger Joint will give you a new take on American food and culture. Offering many different famous American dishes, this is a place worth trying out.  Rating: A Photo Credit: Farhad Yazdani

Experience an explosion of flavors from ‘Sickies Burgers’

October 20, 2020
Based on American culture, Sickies offers a variety of foods for all to enjoy.
In My Eyes: Sean Tran

In My Eyes: Sean Tran

October 5, 2020

Due to distance learning, we are unable to continue “An Hour In” for the time being. Instead, we have asked students to participate in a new segment, “In Our Eyes,” that showcases important elements...

Q&A: Who will win the NBA finals?

Q&A: Who will win the NBA finals?

October 2, 2020
The NBA Finals are coming up, and we ask students to voice their opinions in regards to it.
VIB: This weekend in Las Vegas 10/02/2020

VIB: This weekend in Las Vegas 10/02/2020

October 2, 2020
Here are three events to go to this weekend while safely following COVID-19 guidelines.
Hai Tong’s rough draft Animation of his character and the character he will use for his dance animation. Photo Credit: Hai Tong

Animation II students make their characters dance

September 23, 2020
The project will continue for the next four weeks.
After a rigorous day of training, sophomore Gavin Ariota poses for a picture with boxers he looks up too and learns from. His workout routine includes two hours of muscle training, one hour of sparring and finishing that off with a run/jog. At the end of a hard day of training we all love to relax and just hang out as friends instead of boxers” Ariota said. Photo Credit: Seon Lee.

Devoted Boxer: Meet Gavin Ariota

September 17, 2020
Gavin Ariota is as devoted as he can be and works harder than anyone and everyone standing in his way.
PODCAST: Party Game Mania

PODCAST: Party Game Mania

September 16, 2020
The gaming industry has evolved into many new and exciting genres. Recently, party games have become the dominant force throughout the community.