Experience an explosion of flavors from ‘Sickies Burgers’ Enjoy variations of burgers, wings, and seafood

This Burger Joint will give you a new take on American food and culture. Offering many different famous American dishes, this is a place worth trying out.
Rating: A
Photo Credit: Farhad Yazdani

6629 Las Vegas Blvd S Suite 120

Las Vegas, NV 89119

Weekdays: 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Weekends: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Credit cards accepted

At Sickies Burgers you can expect an amazing experience with great food. Providing the finest flavors, Sickies also includes variations of seasonings with their food and not just burgers, as Sickies also offers seafood and has amazing choices for appetizers such as nachos, wings, chips and dip, and many others. 

After walking in, I noticed the decor. Records, car-themed seats, and a retro-color scheme brought me back to what the 1960s must have felt like. After re-opening due to COVID-19, the staff is doing a great job to make sure all diners are wearing masks and offering dine-in or takeout. While the precautions are great, my family and I still decided to order the food online for takeout. 

As we looked through the well-organized menu we noticed all the different sections of the menu. Although the menu was very organized and included easy to find options, it was a basic layout and didn’t have anything that made it stand out compared to other restaurants such as brighter text attracting the customer or better images.

The first thing that my family and I chose was the Buffalo Chicken Dip ($10.99). This dish included a full tray of tortilla chips and a tangy buffalo sauce. The sauce had a really nice sharp flavor as well as a pleasant spice which tasted great. They both complimented each other well regarding the tanginess in the sauce and the bite and crunch with the chips. The dish was good, but for the price, I would have liked more chips and maybe a better presentation. Placing the chips in a bowl would be a better option than just dumping them on a tray.

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Burgers are one of my favorite foods so I knew I had to try their most popular burger, the Chopper ($11.99). The Chopper consists of bacon, pickles, provolone cheese, and tomatoes. When I first took a bite into the burger, I was immediately amazed by the huge burst of flavors of the sauce and the other vegetables. The burger was juicy and cheesy as well as had a great flavor in my mouth. However, the burger’s bun was quite mushy and was hard to hold from the grease. 

Lastly, we tried a change of style and went for seafood so of course, we had to try the Shrimp Basket ($13.99). This dish included fried, garlic-infused breaded shrimp with a side of tater tots and coleslaw. When biting into the shrimp I felt a nice bite and a great garlic taste.  The tater tots were very soft with a nice crunch and delicious flavor and the coleslaw was pretty good as well. 

The general experience of Sickies Burgers was really fantastic. The restaurant itself was a very lively and kid-friendly environment. The staff were well prepared and took the proper measures regarding COVID-19. The food was great and well worth the value which left my family and me satisfied and wanting more.