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Superintendent Jesus Jara announces back to school operations, athletics, performing arts in press conference
During today’s press conference, Superintendent Jesus Jara announced the expansion of the hybrid school model for additional grades. He also announced for plans to open schools fully for the 2022 school year. “As we continue to open safely, slowly, and carefully, we can’t go backwards, we go forwards. It all depends on the mitigation strategies, we have great ones in place,” Jara said. Photo Credit: Taylor Wilcox

The Clark County School District announced today that the hybrid learning plan would be in effect starting March 22 for grades 6, 9 and 12, and April 6 for grades 7, 8, 10 and 11.

Superintendent Jesus Jara made the announcement at 1 p.m. in hopes of initiating the reopening of face-to-face education, which was delayed due to state restrictions back in 2020. Plans for face-to-face instruction for pre-K to 3rd grade were previously announced and will begin on Monday.

“As I stated for many months, I wanted schools open. But we needed to do it safely, because I know how important [it is] to our community, our kids being in school every single day,” Jara said in the press conference. “Our staff are so excited to welcome our babies to a hybrid instructional model.”

The hybrid instructional model includes alternating students through face-to-face education and distance learning during the week.

“The governor’s directive indicated that schools have to be in session for 20 days of in-person instruction, then we could move to the 75% capacity,” Brenda Larsen Mitchell, chief instructional services officer, said. “We’re reviewing the three feet vs. six feet social distancing for safety and health precautions. We’re looking at 40% of our pre-K through 3rd grade students engaging in full-time distance education, as well as our secondary students.”



In addition to having schools start the hybrid instructional model, the board has been working with athletic coaches, the NIAA, and the CDC to reopen student athletics for the spring season and intramural sports for the previously suspended fall season. Extracurricular activities and clubs are also included in the reopening.

“As a former coach, I get how important athletics is. I think it was one of the factors that we were looking to bring our students in,” Jara said. “Our kids are being given an unique opportunity under NIAA rules for our kids to have at least some contact to get ready for fall 2021.”

Other school-funded activities and external activities, such as performing arts, are also reopening for live lessons and rehearsals.

“Safety protocols will be implemented to ensure the safest possible return to face-to-face instruction,” Jara said. “They will have the option to engage in streaming of their concerts for the immediate future. Reopening school requires logistics, communication, and safety.”

Jara repeatedly stressed the importance of using face-to-face instruction. He says the board has been planning to reopen schools since implementing distance learning, and are planning to reopen schools for the 2022 school year with safety as a number one priority.

“I’m going to tell you, this has been something we’ve been agonizing for a long time, to get our kids in front of our teachers,” Jara said. “Our staff has been finding ways to get this done, they care. There’s nothing like replacing the face-to-face interaction with our children. I know they’ve suffered enough, our staff have suffered enough.”

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Are you excited to go back to school?

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