Program Area Leaders, Students Set to Welcome Prospective Coyotes

Gives opportunity for programs to showcase their elements



Laughing at a joke, Engineering teacher Rizalito Nicolas brings his students to the lab. Nicolas has been preparing to introduce the four-year program to incoming students. “It’s a good program, because it teaches you many skills about the technology world. However, I can only take in about 40 freshmen every year for engineering,” Nicolas said.

Gray Barranco and Rhamil Taguba

Aiming to recruit and inform potential students for the 2024 school year, the annual Magnet Open House will take place Wednesday. After sending over 4,000 postcards to advertise the event, Community Partnership Coordinator Sara Hartwich hopes for the biggest outcome possible.

“It’s for all of our middle school theater schools to come and visit our campus,” Hartwich said. “They can look at all of our program areas and classrooms. ”

Hartwich is planning for more involvement from the teachers to show off more of their courses.

“It’s full-blown this year,” Hartwich said. “Anybody can come. We have not only our lead program instructors, but all of the complementary instructors, like baking and pharmacy, so that they can answer all types of questions and they can see everything that they offer here.”

Certain program areas will be conducting live demonstrations and showcases.

“Hopefully it gets them interested to see what we do with our programs, it’s a lot of hands-on,” incoming Dental instructor Dr. Cynthia Wong said. “If I was a kid, I would like to see that and I think parents have an interest in it too. It showcases what we can do versus just sitting at a desk and studying.”

Multimedia Communications will debut at this open house, hopefully recruiting the next batch of newcomers interested in presenting photos, videos, and a variety of formats. Multimedia also covers web design, podcasting, and social media marketing.

“It’s going to be a little tough because it’s a brand new program. We’ve only done a few projects, so I plan on having a few of them up on display and basically introduce the concept of what the program is,” Multimedia Communications instructor Monte Carman said. “It’s coming a little sooner than I would like because it’s just so early in the year based on how much content we’ve actually covered, but I’m still excited.”

The event also gives current students the opportunity to volunteer and convince newcomers from a student perspective.

“I think it’s really cool for these new minds to come to school, showing them how it’s going to be,” senior Isabel Gomez said. “It’s really informative for incoming students so they know what it’s going to be like in school. When I went to my first Open House, it really gave me the feel of how Dental is going to be exactly.”