Creative Writing, HOSA, and Jam Club meet this week

Rhamil Taguba, Managing Editor

Creative Writing, C109, last Tuesday of the month

The newly-inducted club will discuss plans for next year, including creative writing contests and another book drive.

“We want to have monthly contests where students can submit their writings for prizes, like a gift card,” President Ava Torres said. “We’re hoping to every one to two months, give our story prompts so that others have the chance to show their work. Then our club would be able to vote on the best one.”

Looking back at their previous book drive success, Torres plans to have more drives in the future.

“There were over 380 books donated,” Torres said. “We donated them to the Spread the Word Nevada organization, which will help us take our books and donate it to schools and poor communities. This was to give other people the chance to read books that they might not be able to read because of their situation.”

HOSA, Cafeteria, second and fourth Tuesday

HOSA members are continuing their projects for Teacher Appreciation Week, in which board members are creating “teacher baskets.”

“We’ll be holding our board meeting today virtually, and we’ll be discussing our baskets,” President Yusra Shafique said. “It’ll be filled with notes and chocolates for each teacher, so we’re in the process of getting a roster of all the teachers so we can start ordering supplies.”

HOSA also plans to have future fundraisers to help fund the project.

“We’ll be selling bundt cakes at the Coyote Olympics,” Shafique said. “We’re also supposed to be doing an off-site Panda Express fundraiser this week, so hopefully that’ll help a bit with our funds.”

Jam Club, F105 every Wednesday

Members will be practicing their three songs for the upcoming Coyote Coachella, a talent show highlighting the musical abilities of students on campus.

“We’ll be performing as a band at the Coachella,” member Kathryn Peterson said. “We chose ‘Sundress’, ‘Perfect Pillow’, and ‘Resilience Guys’. We’ve been working on one of these songs since the beginning of the year, and we’ve been putting in around three hours every week.”

As the date approaches, members have been anxious to perform.

“Everyone else seems super excited and this is something we’ve been planning for all year so that’s helped a bit with the nerves,” Peterson said. “I think overall this will pay off, because at the end of the day even if it goes badly I still did something new, learned some more songs, and had a good time.”