Club Preview: A look into the week of December 5

TSA, NHS and Art Club meeting this week


Kate Wingate

TSA prepares for fundraisers, NHS makes gingerbread houses, and Art Club works on independent projects.

Ashley Harris, News and Features Editor

Technology Student Association, C102, first and third Tuesday

After reaching out to multiple businesses and vendors, TSA continues to work on fundraising plans. 

“Currently our club is very low on funds, so we’re doing the best we can to fundraise,” TSA President Luke Gil said. “Mr. Barranco and I are planning on doing a Cane’s fundraiser soon. We’re going to need the money for competitions we’ll have next semester.” 

Members will choose and focus on a specific category to compete in when plans are solidified.

“We’re not completely sure on which activities we’ll specifically go into, but the main interest seems to be something computer coding or forensics related,” Gil said. “With the club still being very new, we’re trying to figure out what the majority of people are interested in.” 

National Honor Society, Cafeteria, first and third Wednesday

At the last meeting of the semester, members will participate in an annual gingerbread house building activity. 

“It is going to be our gingerbread house meeting, so our members will group together to make gingerbread houses,” NHS President-Elect Angelina Roldan said. “I love whenever we have our members do something fun. It fills the room with so much laughter and joy, and I really enjoy seeing that.” 

Each house will be displayed on social media for anyone on campus to view. 

“We will be having a vote on our Instagram account for whoever’s gingerbread house was the best,” Roldan said. 

Art Club, D117, second and fourth Thursday

This meeting will provide an inspirational space to work on independent projects. 

“I’m going to be working on a project for my art class, which is a portrait,” Art Club President Emily Shields said. “We usually share our art with each other and just have a fun time.” 

While drawing, members will watch various movies and draw inspiration from them for their next piece of work. 

“Sometimes we’ll watch movies together and draw the characters from whatever we watch,” Shields said. “We try to find different things to take inspiration from.”