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Ashley Harris, News Editor

Hi, I'm Ashley! I'm super excited for my last year in journalism and at Southwest. As your News/Features editor, I look forward to growing closer with each member of the staff.

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Breaking News: Fashion Design Students Sweep ‘Hunger Games’ Sustainable Art Competition

Breaking News: Fashion Design Students Sweep ‘Hunger Games’ Sustainable Art Competition

November 18, 2022
CityNeon rewards flexible and creative students.
After being featured on Buzzfeed, the New Jersey bagel shop opened its first west coast location. Grade: A-

Indulge in Eccentric Flavors at ‘The Bagel Nook’

November 3, 2022
The Bagel Nook provides unique flavors for all breakfast treats.
As the Environmental club prepares to provide a new event for students on campus, they aim to provide information on the heavy effects of fast fashion. Aside from trading clothing, there will be a selection of games and snacks for participants. “We were studying fast fashion, and the impact it has on the environment,” adviser Martha Horner said. “One of the things that we had discovered is that people aren’t keeping their clothes as long. People would wear something one or two times, or in a lot of cases, not wear them at all.”

Environmental Club to Host First ‘Trade Day’ to fight fast fashion pollution

October 19, 2022
Students can trade or donate clothing while enjoying games and snacks.
Practicing her bass, Poselero finds a new bass line for her band’s new original song. Writing her own content has always been a great way to express her, and her band’s creativity. “Its really cool to see when I’m on stage and how people are taken aback because of my height,” Poselero said. “People don’t expect this tiny, little lady to be screaming her lungs out. My energy is completely different than if I were to just be talking to someone, and I fell in love with what that felt like.”

Rockin’ Band Member: Meet Zielle Poselero

October 4, 2022
Poselero shares experiences performing in front of live audiences with her band.
With an upbeat playlist and colorful interior, MochiCo is a great place to hang out with friends. Grade: A

[Photo] Try a Modern Take on Traditional Japanese Snacks at ‘MochiCo’

October 17, 2022

With an upbeat playlist and colorful interior, MochiCo is a great place to hang out with friends. Grade: A

The marshmallow challenge is an activity COM101 teacher Henry Evans organizes each school year, as skills utilized often apply to speeches given throughout the semester. “Public speaking is not easy, but its made a little easier when you engage in friendly activities with the people youll be presenting your speeches to,“ Evans said. Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

An Hour in … COM101

August 29, 2022
To start the year, students practiced teamwork with a building exercise.
Looking over their footage, freshmen and sophomores in Video Production I are practicing filming stories. Students began learning the necessary skills to make content for the morning news show. “I love video production and notice I use a lot of the skills in other classes,” sophomore Ellie Lakatos said. “I’ve done video editing since I was a kid, and I enjoy being able to do it more effectively. It’ll [multimedia] promote bigger growth of the program and students will learn more. Having one teacher who can only teach one class isn’t as good as having multiple who can teach different aspects.” Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

Multimedia Communications Added to Design Academy

March 25, 2022
Web Design program phased out to make room for new area of study
SPARK: Controversies in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

SPARK: Controversies in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

March 10, 2022
Prominent issues around the world sparked controversies during this year’s Olympics.
The newest addition to the “Life is Strange” franchise includes queer, Asian-American representation as players explore the fictional small town of Haven Springs. 
Rating: A- 
Photo Credit: Square Enix

Embrace Empathic Abilities in ‘Life is Strange: True Colors’

February 18, 2022
Experience relationships and an emotional story driven by the decisions you make.
Organizing the decorations for the Sadies dance, co-head for Dance Commission Rachel Gehlen prepares the festivities lined up for the week of the dance. “I think the Student Council is a mixture of stressed and excited,” Gehlen said. “The week of valentines is full of activities, we have the King and Queen of hearts announced, warm fuzzies, random acts of kindness, and Sadies contests so everyone has been working hard. Everyone splits up and helps work on a different task to help reach our end goal.” Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

Student Council is Preparing for ‘Sweethearts Sadies’ Dance

February 15, 2022
Sadies returns after seven year hiatus
Southwest Shadow Asks: Yusra Shafique

Southwest Shadow Asks: Yusra Shafique

February 9, 2022
Learn more about junior Yusra Shafique, from the thing she can't live without to what decade she wishes to be born in.
The perfect stop for a quick and crunchy snack, CrunCheese offers many variations of Korean corn dogs. 
Rating: A 
Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

Grab a Savory Korean Treat at ‘CrunCheese’

January 27, 2022
CrunCheese is a great spot for a quick and cheap snack in Chinatown.
Working on his political cartoon, junior Anthony Pham expresses his ideas and opinions on the War of 1812. Students in APUSH had to create cartoons for their peers to view and interpret. “I’m excited to be able to represent and analyze political cartoons,” junior Anthony Pham said. “Its important to know how to make them since we should know the history and the process behind them.” Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

APUSH Students Create Political Cartoons

December 10, 2021
Students interpret their thoughts on the War of 1812 by making political cartoons in APUSH.
Showing off her extensions and nail swatches, junior Adriana Bonilla is ecstatic for her next client to visit her at-home nail salon. This passion has taught Bonilla many new skills, artistically, socially and professionally. “Its so exciting when friends and family will trust me with such big events,” Bonilla said. “When people have details that they need me for, its nice that I can add something small to their special days.” Photo Credit: Paola Bonilla

Dedicated Nail Artist: Meet Adriana Bonilla

December 7, 2021
Junior shares her journey starting an at-home nail salon.
Sorting through the chocolate flavors, junior Yusra Shafique sells a chocolate bar for both National Honor Society and Speech and Debate to junior Maha Chaudhry. Students across campus sold chocolate bars for their organization’s benefit. “Most people are only having to sell one or two boxes,” Shafique said. “I have to sell three, two for NHS and one for Speech and Debate, and all of the deadlines are in November. I’m a little stressed about it, but I know I’ll get it done.” Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

Annual Chocolate Fundraisers begin again with students advocating for their clubs

November 4, 2021
Making up for last year's fund, the annual World’ Finest Chocolate fundraisers has started until the end of November.
Looking at his finished look, junior Karim Abd-Elmalek poses for his next Instagram post. Through drag, Abd-Elmalek has tested what he is truly capable of, breaking boundaries and becoming more confident. “Its nice to let people out there in the world know what I’m doing,” Abd-Emlalek said. “I am a person doing this type of thing, and theres not a lot of people who are my age that do this. Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

Teenage Drag Queen: Meet Karim Abd-Elmalek

October 29, 2021
Junior Karim Abd-Elmalek hopes to inspire others through his journey with drag.
Ironing her fabric, junior April Reyes gets ready for her button-up shirt project on September 16 in the sewing lab. Students had to prepare their materials before cutting out the pieces for the garment. “The most intimidating part is actually getting on the sewing machine and putting things together,” Reyes said. “I feel like I might mess up a lot or maybe when I’m ironing I might burn it, which is terrifying.”  Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

Fashion III students sew button-up shirts

September 27, 2021
Fashion Design III students begin sewing button-up shirts, the first sewing project they're doing in their program area.