Breaking News: Fashion Design Students Sweep ‘Hunger Games’ Sustainable Art Competition

Pattern Drafting Seniors Win All Four Categories

Ashley Harris, News and Features Editor

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of “The Hunger Games,” senior Pattern Design students submitted original designs to a sustainable art competition hosted by CityNeon. Senior Tishie Nyitray won “Best Overall” receiving a $1000 grand prize, and seniors Janelle Castillo, Karim Abd-Elmalek and Leah Johnson won “Most Sustainable,” “Most Adherent to Theme” and “Judge’s Choice” respectively earning $500 each. 


“Not only did each of you learn how to create an original garment pattern for this project, but your creativity shined as you made your own original designs, worked through the challenges of using sustainable materials, and figured out how to make adjustments to your concept,” Fashion Design teacher Levi Harbeson posted in a video announcement Thursday night, said. “You should each be so proud of all you have achieved.” 



Winning designs will be on display in the Hunger Games Exhibition at the MGM Grand for a year, and all fashion seniors will receive an opportunity to visit through a fully paid field trip. 


“To have your work displayed on the strip is absolutely incredible and I am so happy the judges saw what I saw in my piece,” Nyitray said. “It was super stressful waiting for them to announce the winners, but actually seeing my name on the video was so rewarding. I spent days in my garage breathing in industrial glue fumes and attaching each individual record piece to it. It was very tedious, but it was worth it.”