Club Preview: A look into the week of January 23

FCCLA, HOSA, and Kpop Club meeting this week

Ashley Harris, News and Features Editor

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, E106, every Tuesday

With state competitions coming up, members must be aware of upcoming travel plans and be up to date on their projects.

“We have to check on everyone’s progress for their STAR events, as well as practicing our presentations since there are specific criteria for each event and project,” President Karim Abd-Elmalek said. 

Competitors will continue to work on their creations for the rest of the meeting. 

“It’ll be really nice to see everyone’s progress and all of their ideas come to life,” Abd-Elmalek said. “I always think it’s cool to be able to make your ideas a reality, especially when we’re participating in competitions.” 

HOSA, Cafeteria, second and fourth Tuesday

Members will participate in general housekeeping and medical related activities.

“We’re going to go over some reminders and play large group activities like musical chairs or medical charades,” President Yusra Shafique said. “We’ll also be continuing shirt and hoodie distribution to ensure that everyone receives the shirts that were included with their member fees.”

The board hopes to continue connecting students with each other by building on what was previously successful. 

“We did something like this at one of our meetings last year, and everyone seemed to enjoy it,” Shafique said. “I’m excited for the new batch of members to experience some new activities and hopefully learn some things along the way.”

K-pop, Lower C Hallway, second and fourth Thursday

Dancers will continue to grow their skill sets by learning a new routine. 

“We pretty much always teach a new choreography from a K-pop group,” President Danika Molina said. “We haven’t settled on a song yet, but we typically do one from a girl group since they’re easiest for all dancing skill levels.” 

A set will be chosen soon for their next performance so that those performing can work towards a more concrete goal. 

“I’m most looking forward to our next performance opportunity, which will probably be Coyote Coachella,” Molina said. “I compile the past choreos that I’ve taught during meets and mash them together to create a set. I’ve taught some really fun choreos during our last few meets, so I’m definitely excited to see how this will turn out.”