Slideshow: The annual Homecoming Flag Football game DA girls, PA boys win

From Professional Academy and Design Academy sprinting across the field to StuCo selling Brew Tea boba and fresh popcorn, the annual Homecoming Game was a chance for stu

Chanting before the game, the PA boys huddle in a circle for a pep talk. Photo credit: Russel Valdez
Waiting for their names to be called, the homecoming court nominees prepare for the homecoming court games, during the PA vs DA halftime. Photo credit: Russel Valdez
As the game began to get exciting, DA quarterback senior Isabel Perez makes a throw to her teammate in attempt to get the DA girls back in the game. Photo credit: Kiana Tibule
Before the game began, StuCo members prepare their Brew Tea boba stand. Photo credit: Russel Valdez
Before the homecoming game, the cheerleaders form a huddle in order to prepare themselves for their halftime performance. Photo credit: Lauryn Kern
Sprinting past the DA defense sophomore Ylla Aparec, fights her way to a touchdown, scoring one of two downs.Photo credit: Kiana Tibule
In search of a way to pass the time before the annual PA vs. DA game, sophomore David Paleracio plays his own game of hacky sack. Photo credit: Kyle Bayudan
In an excited hustle to the middle of the field, the DA boys sprint out to face their opponents. Photo credit: Grinesa Bajrami

Do you think that the PA vs. DA football games should be extended so that they run longer?