Wooden TARDIS replica placed in the quad

Today, a familiar blue icon was seen in the quad area. Students such as Gabi Fernandez ('16) gathered near the TARDIS replica to take pictures and pose with friends. "I love Doctor Who, so seeing the TARDIS in the quad made me so excited! It was really well done and made me think of all the adventures the Doctor has with his companion in the universe," Fernandez said.

A wooden frame modeled after the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) featured in the British sci-fi show “Dr. Who” was placed in the quad this morning.

“The purpose was to show how here at Southwest we have this school, but on the inside we’re bigger,” Business Software Applications instructor Mr. Jeffrey Ball said.

The model was created by Ball and Spanish instructor Mr. Gordon Thomas. It took two weeks to construct.

“I just thought you guys might enjoy that because we have a high ‘nerd’ population here,” Ball said.

Students can take a picture with the model and use the hashtag #swctardis and post it on social media.

“[Ball] got permission without any trouble. He paid for all of it with his own money. He came to me because I have a lot of experience in building,” Thomas said.