Club preview: A look into the week of Jan. 28

Archery, Poly, Robotics


McKenna Thayer

Archery, gym, Mondays at 2 p.m.

On Feb. 6, Archery Club will be participating in a competition against multiple Las Vegas high schools. The competition will take place at The South Point Hotel and Casino.

“In the first years we participated, we ranked first, but as the competition got longer, the scores got higher, which made it harder for incoming archers,” junior Skylar Wiezorek said.

Winners of the competition are divided by grade and gender. The results each school receives determines whether they will continue to compete in the national competition or not.

“Everytime I practice, I try to make it seem like [I’m in] the competition so I practice under pressure,” Wiezorek said. “A lot of us practice on weekends, as well as on practice days.”

HOSA, cafeteria, Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) will be selling wooden roses in the cafeteria starting Feb. 1. The roses sell for $1 each.

“The money made from the roses goes towards our banquet at the end of the year for our HOSA members who want to come and have fun,” senior Alexsia Varela said. “All of the money goes towards the food and the games. It all goes back to the members, honoring and celebrating them for their hardwork throhgout the year.”

Students can either purchase roses on the spot or schedule a delivery on Valentine’s Day. Due to delivery issues in past years, HOSA plans to have faster services this year. 

“Every year we try to have better delivery service, so we usually try to stick with the same routine because it works every year,” Varela said. “We will use different labels and we try to get different colors every year. There isn’t that many changes because in the end, we can’t change much about the roses.”

Robotics, D102, Mondays at 2 p.m.

To prepare for an upcoming competition Mar. 27, Robotics Club is working on perfecting their robots.

“When we compete, we do a little bit of everything–applying engineering, creativity, strategy and a variety of other skills,” senior Paul Yu said. “Our team works together to build our robot while completing other tasks to help keep the club running.”

Competing against 45 teams, Yu hopes the club reflects on their previous competition where the club ranked 26th. The team that wins will go to finals in Houston, TX.

“We reflect every year to see our strengths and weaknesses,” Yu said. “From there, we adapt and plan according to how we want our next years to be and we try our best to stick to the schedule we plan for ourselves.”

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