Club Preview: A look into the week of Oct. 7 Speech and Debate, K-POP, NHS


Grinesa Bajrami

Speech and Debate, 2nd and 4th Tuesday, E-130

After the previous Speech and Debate tournament at Foothill High School, the team is beginning to prepare for the next competition. Out of the five members competing, President Ahmed Ahmed made it to the quarter-finals for the Lincoln Douglas Debate. 

“The win ratio for the last tournament was low since out of the five people competed, only one person made it to the quarter-finals, so I think we can do better as a team,” sophomore Daman Sandhu said. “By the next tournament I hope our members are more prepared and able to make it not only to quarter-finals but also beyond.”

The next Speech and Debate tournament will be held at Green Valley High School on Oct. 11-12. 

“I expect to improve my time management skills when I prepare for the next tournament,” Sandhu said. “I also want to be able to practice my debates more before I go into the actual rounds and improve on how I present myself before the next tournament.”

K-POP, Every Thursday, E-126 or D-100

Preparing for the Homecoming Game half-time show, members of K-POP plan to audition in front of Student Council for a chance to perform at the event.

“I am confident in my group’s ability,” junior Eman Yonis said. “We have a great board that is really organized and the rest of the club is very tight-knit and professional. We all know how to get our work done and learn in a short amount of time, so I’m confident in this audition performance.”

If the routine is approved, members will continue to practice their routine to prepare for the actual performance. If it is not approved, members will move onto a new dance.

 “We currently have small timing mistakes, so I’m nervous about how StuCo might take it,” Yonis said. “I know if we get approved, we will have more than enough time to fix the mistakes before the performance, but it all depends on how StuCo interprets the dance.”

NHS, 2nd and 4th Monday, Cafeteria

To give back to the community, NHS members created cards to send to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

“The purpose of sending cards is because there are patients who may have cancer or other life-threatening illnesses, so we want to brighten their day and make their days better,” senior Samer Youssouf said. 

The cards were written to raise awareness of the importance of completing community service projects. Board members will be reading over each of the cards before mailing them to the hospital. 

“I feel really excited bout this year NHS and hope to make an impact within the community,” Youssouf said. “NHS always helps the community, so I hope we can keep it up this year and leave a lasting impact.”