Colossal Canine Care Pairs Up with Web Design Students

On September 16, 2010, juniors in the Web Design program had the opportunity to meet with their first client of the year, Colossal Canine Care.

CCC President Collin Jotz and Secretary Michelle Jotz took time off from their jobs as local police officers to inform web design students about their goals for their website.

The non-profit organization is in need of publicity and entrusted the Web Design students to build a website that will inform people of the benefits of adopting permanently or fostering dogs for a small period of time in their homes through CCC.

“I enjoy the fact that the website we’re creating is not only for class, but for real customers out of school,” exclaims junior Charlene Hinton.

CCC focuses on rescuing, caring, and finding homes for “unadoptable” larger size dogs. They rehabilitate all sizes and breeds until they are ready for adoption. There is an adoption fee, but it varies based on the individual dog’s medical expenses.

“We need to reach as many people as possible,” comments Collin Jotz.

They are allowing the students creativity regarding the design of the website and hope that the students will be innovative so their website stands out amongst other rescue organization websites.

They have already formed partnerships with a variety of organizations such as PetCo, Sniffany & Company, and Lied Animal Shelter. They are optimistic that this website be a great tool at bringing awareness to their non-profit.