Fashion Club fundraises for trip to FIDM All donations are due Friday

Learning how to thread an industrial sewing machine, junior Rylee Mulligan teaches herself how to use the new sewing machine. Students were required to learn the different steps and precautions to take when threading this machine. “I think it’s extremely important to donate clothing,” Mulligan said. ”They for only benefit The Fashion Club but then also make it available for people who are unable to buy clothing at full price. Not only that, but they also help Fashion Club travel to FIDM and get a better experience of living in California and what college is going to be like there.” Photo Credit: Alyx Beeten

In collaboration with the thrift store Savers, the Fashion Club is holding a ‘fun drive’ to save clothing from being discarded and to fundraise for a trip to FIDM

“With every donation, Savers will weigh the trash bags and give us a certain amount of money by the pound,” sophomore Presiosa Prieto said. “If we raise enough, we want to use the money to help pay for The Fashion Club to go to FIDM.”

The Fashion Club hopes to collect 200 bags of clothing and household items which they will sell to Savers for a profit. Currently, they have collected 25 bags of clothing.

“I think it’s important for people to donate to this fundraiser,” sophomore Cyncir Pollard said. “Not only does this money benefits us, but it also helps people who are not as fortunate as we are. When we give [clothing] away, it will help benefit us and the community.”

Items that are eligible for donation are: sheets, towels, blankets, clothing, shoes, games and books.

“Going on this trip gives them the experience to see what FIDM has to offer and how what their learning in class is relevant,” Carlson said. “If they want to proceed in a fashion or even an interior career it shows them the lifestyle that they’ll be having.”

The drive will end this Friday. Students can place their donations in the colorful boxes located in every building or they can be taken to room E107 and E126. 

“I’m excited to see how the kids get inspired and how it gets them motivated,” Fashion Design teacher Nicole Carlson said. “It’s also a good revisit for me because that’s where I went to school and its fun to see where I came from and where I started and that they’re in the same shoes as I was many years ago.”

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