First Class student emails now available

FirstClass e-mails are now accessible for student use. These e-mails are accessible at school, as well as at home.

To log on to Interact, student’s username is their student ID, as well as their password. Student’s e-mail address’s are their first name, middle initial, last initial, grade, 448.

“I think Interact is useful for students because it’s an easy way to contact teachers, and you can find out about events easily,” says junior Vanessa Gomez.

Interact allows students to send emails with attachments and can also alert them of any upcoming school events, found in the SWCTA Coyotes 448 icon.

“My favorite part about having my interact account is that it’s a professional e-mail that I can easily contact my teachers through,” states sophomore Michelle Kerbs.

These e-mails are not completely private; all login information is kept on file and faculty can access student accounts if they feel that students are abusing the privilege or are sending inappropriate e-mails. Remember that these e-mails are for school use, and students need to maintain proper “netiquette.”

FirstClass can be located through the FirstClass icon on the school computers or by visiting the CCSD Interact portal, Students may also download the app to their i-Touch or i-Pad.

If students have any questions regarding your e-mail or if they are having trouble accessing it, they may contact the front office or can visit Mrs. Stacy LeFevre, ECS, in the E building.