Forthcoming court announced

\On Friday, Oct. 7, the 2011 Forthcoming Dance Court was announced on the Rout(e) 131 Morning Show. This year’s chosen royalty will be presented during the flag football game on Oct. 14 and the dance on Oct. 15. The court consists of the following individuals:

Candidates for freshman lord are Carlos Pena, Christian Del Rosario, and Steven Rodriguez; freshman candidates for lady are Margaret Chang, Hannah Borguilla, and Stephanie Ordaz.

Sophomore royalty includes Ric Ascano, Blaze Brooks, and Sebastian Atienza for duke, and Angelina Marcee, Allison Laudato, and Jan Pallera for duchess.

Juniors on the forthcoming court are Rupert Gallo, Cody Obergh, and Kirk Obrador for prince, and Sara Guiang, Eloise Albania, and Reegan Gunter for princess.

The Forthcoming King will either be Justin Valencia, Joseph Pascua, or Arturo Ochoa-Zepeda; Forthcoming Queen will be Ysabel Sanchez, Meghan Wolslegel, or Jamie Kekahuna.

Voting for royalty is being conducted during both lunches Monday through Thursday. Voters may only vote for royalty in their grade.