Freshmen learn project-based learning basics

The freshmen English I students are currently in the midst of an overview of the foundations of project-based learning (PBL) at Southwest Career and Technical Academy.  This orientation replaces the Fall Workshop conducted during the previous years.  The lessons taught include information about project-based learning, driving questions, group contracts, tenets assessment, and public speaking.

“I’m not good at public speaking at all, so I want to learn to be better at it,” Nathaniel Jauregui says.

One of the activities the students had to complete was a 60-second speech with a partner to practice their public speaking skills before their actual presentation.

“I learned how to use my words carefully and manage my time wisely [during this presentation],” says Pauline Nguyen.

Then, students were split into groups and randomly assigned one tenet to exemplify for their project.  According to Professional Academy English teacher, Mr. Matthew LaPorte, freshmen will be able to demonstrate how the skills in each tenet are used in their English, Biology, or math classes.

“They will have their choice of how they want to present their project,” LaPorte adds.

As part of the final mini-presentation, they are required to use at least one piece of technology in their presentations.

“I think I will do okay with the PBL once it rolls around,” Maggie Chang declares.

The freshmen will present their deliverables September 30 and October 3.