Grad Nite Meeting Tomorrow; New STUCO Adviser’s First Time Planning

Learn general details for future trip


As seniors’ last semester begins, information regarding Grad Nite is being shared with students. The spots will be released on a first-come, first-serve basis. “I feel like every senior looks forward to Grad Nite,” senior Sierra Prescia said. “It is one of the only times we get to go out of state on a trip with our friends from school. It is also nice that it is all preplanned and arranged, it seems a lot less stressful.” Photo Credit: Tyler Nix

Tishie Nyitray, Editor in Chief

As one of his first duties as the senior class and new co-Student Council adviser, Brandon Lafountain is planning and will hold the Grad Nite informational meeting tomorrow.

“I have been on Grad Nite trips at my previous school, but never planned it,” Lafountain said. “This is the first time I’ve ever sponsored a senior class. So not only do I have to learn the district rules, but I have to learn the traditions of the school.”

The most difficult aspect of planning was finding an approved bus company to charter for the trip.

“The district has a list of approved buses, but the list is constantly changing,” Lafountain said. “So the contact information is wrong and waiting for them to respond took time. [This was] a big issue while trying to keep the cost down, because everything is getting more expensive.”

There are only 150 spots available for students and additional seats will not be added.

“I went to Disneyland earlier this year and all I could think about was Grad Nite,” senior Savannah Libatique said. “I was planning out what we’d eat, what we’d wear, and the rides we most definitely are going to go on which was a bittersweet thing to think about. This is the last time we will be able to go without making the plans ourselves. This is a really important part of senior year; after this, it will be on us to stay connected to each other if we want to stay friends, so I’m going to make as many memories as I can, just in case this is the last time I see some people.”

As with other field trips, there are multiple reasons students could become ineligible to attend Grad Nite.

“Right off the bat, if you have any disciplinary action on the record [going back] to freshman year, you are automatically excluded,” Lafountain said. “If you have failed any class in the first semester of your senior year then you can’t go. For this school year, you cannot have more than six tardies in one period or six unexcused absences.”

For students who are unable to attend the meeting, the information discussed will be shared with seniors on social media.

“We are making sure that all of the important details will be posted on our Instagram account for students,” Student Body Vice President Kiersten Simmons said. “We understand that the announcement for the meeting was last minute and not everyone will be able to make it. But students will still have a chance to go to Grad Nite.”