HOSA seeks participants for ‘Walk to Cure’

HOSA members are currently recruiting volunteers to walk at the fall Walk to Cure Diabetes event held annually by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on Nov. 19, 2011 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Since 1970, JDRF has been active in researching better treatments and cures for Type I diabetes. They are currently the largest leading charitable organizer and advocate of diabetes research worldwide.

“I believe JDRF is very beneficial. I heard that about 80% of every dollar raised funds the search for a cure. It really shows support to the people who are diagnosed with the the illness. I think it would be amazing when they finally find a cure for diabetes,” expresses senior Justin Soria.

More than 500,000 participate in the 5k walk at over 200 sites in the United States. Each participant can raise on average $500 just for walking and up to $5,000 for sprinting. Their goal is $556,938.00, and they have currently raised $59,811.72.

“I am actually really excited even thought it’s a while from now. I’m not much of a runner, but I will try my best and walk the the whole thing. I will be proud of myself because I know it’s going to a worthy cause,” believes junior Yuen Ying Ha.

Not only is it a healthy activity for friends and family, but it also increases visibility in the community. Working together as a team, HOSA members show their passion for health care by contributing and participating in the walk.

“I am proud that the students are taking an initiative to participate in this walk. This disease effects many young children. If we find a cure, children will never have to live with the side effects” explains HOSA advisor Mrs. Vicki Smith.

The event is open to the public, so visit http://www.jdrf.org/ to sign up as a walker or a virtual walker. Students may also make one dollar donations by buying a paper shoe which are displayed in the school’s cafeteria.