Maya project begins for sophomores

In Mr. Craig Statucki’s 3-D Animation I class, the sophomore students have started on a project about the future, using a computer application called Maya. The job of each sophomore group is to create what the future would look like.

Emily Dobbins, sophomore, says, “I think that the general idea of the future will be the same for everyone, but I think that there will be minor things that will be different. I am pretty sure that almost everyone will pick a flying car or something so simple like that.”

Many groups have chosen to make a flying car because most of the groups have the same ideas about the future.

“I think that every project will look different because every project will have its own people and everyone has a different imagination and a different idea of the future and the things in the future,” says Morgan Johnson, sophomore.

The students in 3-D Animations I started learning how to use the Maya program on February 21st.

Jonathan Major, sophomore, says, “I enjoy using Maya because there are so many things you can make and create with just the simple tools of Maya. Since all it takes is simple tools to create things and since we just started using Maya and all we know is the simple tools, it then makes it fun to work in a group where everyone knows mostly the same tools.”

Students are enjoying using Maya.

“I enjoy using Maya because I like creating shapes and changing the faces on the shapes and creating weird looking things,” says Michael Huebner, sophomore.

The project will be presented on April 1st and April 4th during their 3-D Animation’s class.