Random backpack searches authorized by CCSD beginning soon Computer program will choose who is searched


Grinesa Bajrami

In response to the increase of weapons being found in CCSD schools, random backpack and student searches will begin in two weeks.

“I support the searches and I am not scared for our school to be searched,” Dean James Campbell said. “Students come to this school from all around the valley to learn because we are such a respected school. I am confident that our students won’t bring weapons to school because they wouldn’t want to be expelled from our school.”

CCSD officials voted on implementing the searches after 11 guns were confiscated from schools across the valley since August. To avoid racial and gender profiling, a computer program will decide which schools will be chosen for the random searches.

“Personally as a student, I believe the rule is a smart idea, but it has room for much improvement,” junior Athanacius Comahig said. “I believe there are of plenty issues with the searches and many students could find a loophole around it.”

The computer program will randomly select a class, grade level or an entire school, meaning that entire group will be required to be searched for weapons. Administration will conduct the searches as students enter or in certain classes, while school police officers observe. 

“With all the [shootings] going on right now, I feel adding the rule will actually help our campus and others, but we haven’t been updated on the districts decision at all,” campus monitor Alex Alejandra Guerrero said. 

Using hand-held metal detectors, administrators will be allowed to search students for weapons, such as firearms and knives. Students who refuse to be searched will not be allowed on campus and CCSD Police Officials will be required to intervene. 

“Looking into the future, I’ll be extremely stressed while being searched,” junior Sirre Taal said. “Knowing the metal-detector will go off if I am caught with a weapon is stressful. I know I’m not guilty, but it’s a scary idea. I don’t want to be taken to another room and get pat-down by an admin as a witness watches, it’s just scary, stressful and awkward.”

The rule will be implemented after the program is completely approved and all procedures are published. After the program is approved and procedures are published, administration will be required to take a course on how to use the metal detectors.

“I think students are reacting harshly because [students] aren’t aware of their rights,” World History teacher Jessica Kelly said. “When [students] come onto private property, such as a school, they are required to give up their rights. On school property, whatever is in your backpack or locker, is technically school property and can be searched. If students knew this, they’d react calmly and understand more, but no one has told them this.”

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