Senior fashion lines in production

The seniors in the Fashion Design program at Southwest Career and Technical Academy are beginning to create their own fashion lines as part of their Senior Capstone Project.  Many have already started sketching possible outfits for the project.

“We’ve been finding inspirations and sketching our ideas that reflect our style and personality for our five-piece clothing line,” Jenny Ragasa says.

According to Cassandra Bamba, students have to compile business plans and mood boards by the end of the first quarter to develop clear concepts for their designs.

“We also need to create a clothing tag and come up with a brand name,” Bamba adds.

Each garment in the five-piece set has to showcase a skill that the student has learned during their time at SWCTA.

“In class, we’ve made a sleeve pattern before, so now we have to show that we can make the patterns and incorporate them into our design.  All elements have to be included, even pants, skirts, etc,” says Lorelyn Monsalud.

The outfits will be presented at a fashion show at the end of the year.  The event will be held off-campus.

“Some students of mine are actually planning the runway show.  We’re going to base the show off of FIDM’s debut show,” says Junior/Senior Fashion Program Leader,  Cassandra Pawling.

More information about the runway show will be revealed throughout the year.