Seniors continue capstone development

Senior Madelyn Sese uses her iPad to find new information about the dental lesson for their capstone.
Photo Credit: Southwest Shadow Staff

Seniors are currently working on their yearlong cumulative capstone project that will represent their time at SWCTA. The purpose of these capstones is to assist seniors during their career or college search.

Students chose from three possible cumulative projects, which included designing a service or system, improving an already existent system, or planning and organizing a career-based industry event that is designed to help the local community. Seniors will be presenting their project at the end of the year in the Coyote Ballroom to a group of administrators and parents.

This project includes an electronic portfolio, comprising of pictures, documents, awards, their resume, and other items that were collected in their program area.

“I like the idea as it is career-based, and I especially think the e-portfolio is a great idea for college and career placement!” exclaims Dental Assisting Program Leader Dr. Michael Georges.

Currently, all students in their program area class have split into groups, and are assigned to multiple real world topics of their choosing.

The content of each project depends on the group’s program area. One group of nursing students are focusing on creating a clinic devoted to teenagers and the problems they face, while a group of dental students are helping support Paradise Park Children’s Dental. A group of Automotive Technology students are building a car or go-kart made entirely from scratch, along with a running engine, and a group of Website Design students are building a website to help the community.

“This year long project really challenges us as students to venture out and utilize the things we learned in the classroom to make a difference outside of it,” comments senior Madelyn Sese, Dental Assisting program.

Seniors will present their capstone project the week of May 21.