‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ selected for Movie Night

Earlier showing allows for late bus usage


Grinesa Bajrami

To celebrate Star Wars day on May 4, Student Council is hosting a Movie Night from 1:30 to 4 and showing ”Star Wars: A New Hope”.

“I feel we should celebrate Star Wars and May 4th because students get really excited about it,” StuCo sophomore Alexandra Veleva said. “All my friends get excited to dress up and wear their merchandise to school, so recognizing it at school adds more unity, allowing people to make new friends.”

The last Movie Night in September took place on the field, now it will be held in the gym, due to issues previously on the field. Students are still allowed to bring blankets and pillows. 

“It’s way better if you go with your friends because then you’ll have someone to talk about the movie afterwards with and someone to enjoy the movie with,” StuCo sophomore Jaden Dickson said. “Also having a movie night indoors allows for us to pretend we’re at home covered in our blankets. It’s a nice night for everyone involved and it’s really relaxing.”

After seeing the opportunity for an event on May 4, StuCo decided to replace the last Coyote Congress meeting with Movie Night. This is the second year StuCo celebrated May 4th as a way to have more school spirit days. 

“I’m going to hang out with some pals and watch one of the most iconic movies in the science fiction genre,” sophomore Gavin Wysocki said. “I am a huge fan of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, so I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch it with my close friends.” 

Students can buy tickets starting April 30 from any StuCo member or at the door for $5. Snacks and drinks will also be sold and StuCo is aiming to make $250 to fund future events. 

“I’m glad movie night is in the gym because then you feel like you’re in an actual movie theater,” sophomore Chasen So said. “Also, this Movie Night is really cool because I never got the chance to see ‘Star Wars’ in theaters, so watching it in a makeshift theater will be close enough.”

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