Student wins principalship for day

On Tuesday March 29, Bserat Ghebremicael, a sophomore in the Respiratory Therapy program was randomly selected to spend a day as the principal of SWCTA on April 1.

To be eligible for this opportunity, students completed an application, which required signatures from administrators and faculty members to verify their current GPA, zero unexcused absences or discipline referrals.

“Bserat is a really dedicated student, who sets goals, and tries her hardest to fulfill them,” says Katelyn Hendricks, a sophomore in the Dental Assisting program.

Although Ghebremicael has no idea what to expect, or what rules she must follow, her classmates have some ideas of their own.

“I think she should make the school day exciting and fun,” commented Anabely Trejo, sophomore.

Deianara Torres has other things in mind.

“I think she should do something nice for the sophomores and juniors because we are the upper classmen, and it would give us a break for all the hard work we have been doing,” says Torres.

So far, the students believe this is a perfect idea, because of all the stress the teachers and students are under, due to budget cuts.

“I think it was a great idea to give a student a chance to walk in our principal’s shoes for a day, especially because of all the seriousness due to budget cuts.  Bserat will definitely lighten up the mood in the office,” comments Torres.

Ghebremicael had no idea she would actually get picked to be principal for a day.  She is so overwhelmed with excitement that she forgot she will have a personal secretary as well.

“”I’m so used to teachers telling me what to do, but for a change, I’m going to be the one the teachers come to for answers.  This is one step closer to living my dream, of becoming the President of the United States,” stated Ghebremicael.

Ghebremicael will be posting an article about her day next week.