Upcoming ‘Pie-a-Teacher-Palooza’ to be held in the gym

19 teachers will be available to be pied


Kailie Sicolo

To raise money for Key Club, junior Jonathan Lin gets pied in the face. Continuing with the pie-oriented event trend, sophomore president Brianna Scherschel, along with the rest of Student Council, is planning a similar pie-themed event. “We got the idea and started planning before Key Club,” Scherschel said. “We had a good laugh when we found out we both were doing a pie event.”

Philipos Alebachew, Staff Writer

To raise money for the sophomore class’ Student Council, a “Pie-a-Teacher-Palooza” is being held tomorrow from 2 – 4 p.m. in the gym. Students will bid on one of the 19 participating teachers, in which the highest bidder will throw a plate of whipped cream at their face.

“I’m a little nervous, but I’m excited,” Freshman Studies teacher Kimberly Caipa said. “I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m going to do some positive self-talk and meditation to prepare myself. I think I’ll go for $15. I have some students that definitely want to throw a pie at me.”

Sophomore Class President Brianna Scherschel is leading the event and hopes to raise enough money to use for future events.

“The plan is to have students start bidding at five dollars, and then increasing by one dollar increments until the bidding stops,” Scherschel said. “We plan to use this money next year for junior prom, and senior prom after that.”

Fashion Design teacher Levi Harbeson wants students to feel the same joy he felt when he did a similar event in his high school days.

“I got to do [at my] high school way back in the day,” Harbeson said. “Getting to pie the teachers was one of my funniest memories. Especially if you don’t like the teacher, or you love them and want to torture them.”

English teacher Kristina Haley was hesitant about agreeing to the event, but ultimately decided to do it after another teacher agreed as well.

“Tiffany Tan came to me and asked if I was interested in getting pied, but it was not an eager yes,” Haley said. “Once Ms. De La Fuente agreed I didn’t have a way out. I’m super nervous, but I know the money is for the sophomore class and it’s all about the kids.”

Senior Vassily Tan plans on attending the event, and is expecting a good time.

“One of the Key Club members posted about it in the group chat and I thought it could be fun,” Tan said. “The roster of teachers is definitely going to get a lot of students interested, and I personally look forward to pieing Mr. Thur.”

Caipa feels that events such as these are beneficial to the student body and school spirit.

“I think it’s good to have fun events outside of school for kids to participate in,” Caipa said. “I’m not super excited about having a pie thrown in my face, but I’m willing to show some school spirit and take one for the team.”