Design, create rooms with ‘Redecor’ Learn new styles and techniques

The ‘Redecor- Home Design Game’ is a relaxing and not to mention, addicting game that any designer would enjoy. Use your imagination to create fun designs for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and more.
Rating: A+
Photo Courtesy: Reworks

When it comes to interior designing, I’ve always had an eye for it and I’m more of a creative person then anything else, so I like to make sure that everything fits nicely together whenever I’m creating anything. In this game, I’m able to choose the looks that I feel are best for the room that I’m creating and personalize them in a way that I want.

Getting the hang of how to use this app took no time at all given that the layout is organized and straight forward. The main objective when playing this game is to create and design rooms for clients and then get paid which can help players add more to their inventory. 

The first thing that I noticed was the section where you can find the many challenges you can complete for clients in order to win money. When I first began the game, I was given a certain amount of gold and cash which I could spend on the items that I was using for the room. Players are told the reward that will be given by winning the challenge, and then it’s then their choice if they want to choose that specific room to design or a different one. For example, I prefer to do bathrooms and bedrooms, rather than dining rooms or balconies.

After I chose my challenge, I was brought to the basic layout of the room that I was doing. I designed each section of the room to the best that I could to match the client’s descriptions. For each part of that room, I chose a style or color and purchased the items according to the budget I chose. An example would be when I chose the pattern for a couch, I tried to choose a cheaper priced pattern so that I could use money on the color of the walls and flooring. 

Once I purchased the items I was using for the room, I learned that I could select them up to five times when doing other challenges. There were usually up to 10 or 12 sections that I could design and at the end of creating, I was shown how much I spent in total. I also participated in daily challenges and quests that helped me earn more money.

Voting is the other objective in this game. I thought that this was a great addition to the game because I could see other people’s interpretations of how they designed the room. Once I was done with a challenge, I could vote on the other players’ designs. There are different voting times for each challenge, so once the time is up, the top 10 designs get placed based on what the players voted for and the person with the best design wins the grand prize.

Personally, my favorite aspect about this app is designing for a client. I love mixing and matching different designs to see what turns out the best. I enjoy that I actually end up getting rewarded for the design I create even if it’s only a game. This app taught me a lot about what styles don’t go well together and what color schemes match with each other.

There aren’t many downsides to this app, but if I had to change one thing, it would probably be to have other ways to earn money because once the money earned is gone, the game ends up being pointless since I wasn’t able to design anymore. Lowering the prices on certain items could also help that problem as well since the main objective is to create a nicely designed space for the client and not to spend so much on each item. 

This app gives a realistic approach to home designing and honestly is fun to play. I can see myself enjoying it even more than I already do since I can add my own touches and make any adjustments that I want even on a budget.

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