No license for me

No license for me

nolicenseThe wind in your face, accelerating to the point where you feel a sudden rush, and the ability of being free, are all perks of being able to drive. However, the path to obtain your license does not come so easily.

Now that I am 17, it is finally time to start thinking about pursuing a license. Although many teenagers nowadays hope to obtain their license six months after they receive their permit at 15 and a half years old, it was different for me. There were many factors that hindered me from gaining a license, but the main reason is the fact that I am extremely lazy.

As with any person trying to gain their license, I had to attend Driver’s Education classes. Choosing to take the online classes was the obvious decision because it was easier than an actual class that requires me to be physically present in a classroom. Only, it was a surprise because the course was very tedious. The test requires a student to complete 13 rigorous units with a test at the end of each unit and must be passed by answering various questions correctly.

At first I was determined to complete every lesson as quickly as possible, but it was much different than expected. Procrastinating was one of the problems that led me to not log onto the online class for three weeks, and to this day, the courses are still not finished.

Another setback that continues to hinder me from receiving a license is my driving skills. I can recall numerous times that I was almost involved in accidents that would have been ugly if they were to actually happen. For example, looking over my shoulder was difficult because I would swerve into other lanes while not looking at the road. Other drivers would be trying to drive normally, but then are side-tracked when they see me swerving into other lanes, Luckily, I was somehow saved by my step-dad who took the wheel and steered me the right way.

One other reason was that I had little opportunities to actually sit behind the wheel and drive. My parents are either always working, tired, or even too scared to take me driving. Though they did have good reasons for not wanting to drive with me, I still feel as if I would get much better if they gave me opportunities to practice.

So, it seems as of right now obtaining a license is out of the question.  Maybe one day when I set my priorities straight I will be able to take the initiative to take my license test.

But for now, I will just have to spend my time walking to my destinations.