Winner: Starbucks

Whether you’re having a slow start to your day or just in need of a good beverage, Starbucks has a wide variety to choose from. Anything from coffee to lemonade, Starbucks has almost every drink you might want. Starbucks is also famous for having seasonal drinks throughout the year; be on the lookout for them!

Editor’s Pick: Gabi

Located in Las Vegas’s Chinatown, Gabi can be difficult to find. There are no signs or banners that display the café name, but only a large wooden door on the side of a building that makes it recognizable. As the café is Korean themed, you can find yourself surrounded by paintings and small trinkets from the culture. Gabi has a variety of baked goods and food ranging from salmon brioches to lychee rose cake; the environment makes it the perfect place to have a conversation with friends or to work on any assignments.