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2021 Best of (Teen) Las Vegas

For the seventh year in a row, students are telling us their choices for the best of the best in Las Vegas. With the vaccine becoming more widespread, what we know as Vegas is starting to come back. Despite going through Covid-19 and protocols still being in place, the city has so much to offer, even for students.

Best Café

WINNER: La Luna Tea and Dessert Bar

A great place to study, hang out with friends, or just enjoy a tasty dessert, La Luna takes the student’s pick for best café.

Photo Credit: La Luna Tea and Dessert, Facebook

EDITOR’S PICK: La Luna Tea and Dessert Bar

We agree with our readers on this one. La Luna is a great spot for our community, and allows us all a spot to do whatever we need, with great drinks and desserts included.

Best After-School Spot

WINNER: Windmill Library

Allowing every student a quiet place to study, Windmill Library takes the cake once again.

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Clark-County Library District


A great environment to enjoy boba tea with friends, Brew Tea is the perfect place to unwind after a day of school.

Best Summer Attraction


An entertainment complex offering anything from a zipline to virtual reality, AREA 15 has something for everyone.

Photo Credit: Laurent Velasquez, Reno Gazette-Journal


The Strip has a variety of different attractions, making it a great place to go during the summer.

Best Place to Study

WINNER: Windmill Library

Windmill Library has a great atmosphere for students, providing anything from comfortable seating to internet access, making it a great place to study.

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Clark-County Library District

EDITOR’S PICK: Windmill Library

Everyone needs a quiet, distraction-free place to study, and Windmill Library provides exactly that.

Best Shopping Mall

WINNER: Fashion Show

Located right on The Strip, Fashion Show has a variety of stores, including anything on-trend. As the name suggests, there are also fashion shows and other entertainment held inside the mall.

Photo Credit: Fashion Show Las Vegas

EDITOR’S PICK: Downtown Summerlin

Downtown Summerlin provides the perfect place to walk around with friends, shop at stores ranging from chains to independently-owned businesses and grab a bite to eat.

Best Boba Shop

WINNER: Brew Tea Bar

Known for its variety of drinks and flavors, Brew Tea Bar is a great spot to enjoy boba with friends.

Photo Credit: Taylor S., Yelp


We agree with our readers! Brew Tea makes the perfect teas, and there’s something for everyone.

Best Concert Venue

WINNER: T-Mobile Arena

Home to our Vegas Golden Knights, the T-Mobile Arena also houses our readers’ favorite concert venue. Everything from the stage to the production to the effects makes this a great concert venue.

Photo Credit: Tomas Del Coro

EDITOR’S PICK: Allegiant Stadium

The newly-built home to our Las Vegas Raiders, Allegiant Stadium is the perfect venue to hold concerts, with its large capacity and its outdoor setting.

Best Ice Cream Shop

WINNER: Coldstone Creamery

Providing freshly made ice cream, Coldstone takes first place among our students for the perfect scoop of cold ice cream.

Photo Credit: Lesley Choa, Flickr

EDITOR’S PICK: Coldstone Creamery

Coldstone provides quality flavors and toppings, and everything is made to order. It’s the perfect cool-down on a hot day.

Best Korean BBQ

WINNER: Mister Kim’s Korean BBQ

The perfect place to enjoy a great meal with your friends, Mister Kim’s has taken the top spot for best Korean BBQ this year.

Photo Credit: Mister Kim’s Korean BBQ, Instagram


With fresh Korean food cooked to perfection, DOH provides a great meal to enjoy for anything from an after-school hang to a dinner before homecoming.

Best Place for Prom Pictures

WINNER: Bellagio Gardens

The beautiful flowers and greenery make for the perfect background, and they’re always blooming.

Photo Credit: Tomas Del Coro

EDITOR’S PICK: Bellagio Gardens

It’s not just a tourist attraction. The Bellagio Gardens are a great background, from the elaborate displays to the little flowers.

Best Food Festival

WINNER: Pure Aloha

Dedicated to bringing Hawaiian spirit and culture to Vegas, Pure Aloha’s bi-annual festival is an authentically good time.

Photo Credit: Vizzun Entertainment


From exciting carnival rides to yummy food, Pure Aloha is everything we like in a food festival.

Best Date Idea

WINNER: Adventuredome

With plenty of things to do, Adventuredome is the perfect place to go on a date to ensure neither of you gets bored.

Photo Credit: Miss Shari, Flickr

EDITOR’S PICK: West Wind Drive-In

A drive-in movie is a perfect place to go get that vintage experience and hang out with your significant other while watching a great movie.

Best Water Park

WINNER: Wet ‘n’ Wild

For another year, Wet ‘n’ Wild takes the top spot as the perfect park to cool off at during the summer months.

Photo Credit: Ken Lund, Flickr

EDITOR’S PICK: Wet ‘n’ Wild

During 115° weather, there’s no better place to go than Wet ‘n’ Wild, with slides for everyone, even thrill-seekers.

Best Gym


EOS Fitness is the perfect place to work out, with the environment that motivates you to get more done.

Photo Credit: K.M. Cannon, Las Vegas Review-Journal


LVAC is a great place to go for your daily workout. With machines for any exercise you can imagine, it definitely allows us our gym fix.

Best Music Festival

WINNER: Life is Beautiful

Featuring great artists right in our hometown, Life is Beautiful takes the top spot for best music festival.

Photo Credit: Linnaea Mallette, Public Domain

EDITOR’S PICK: Life is Beautiful

Vegas is glad to welcome back Life is Beautiful! Our favorite festival, it features both popular and indie artists, and allows us to see all of our favorites.

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