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Covid-free Summer Contest 2022

Covid-free Summer Contest 2022 Three weeks, 21 days, 504 hours until the final bell

Julia Jauregui May 2, 2022

We are so close to the finish line. Despite the stress of final exams, AP tests, transferring college credits and for seniors, the mixed emotions of stepping on stage for graduation, this is our first...

Spring Break Contest 2022

Spring Break Contest 2022 Countdown to Friday

Julia Jauregui April 5, 2022

Spring break is one week away. Flights are booking up, families are stocking up for their road trips and friends are making plans every day of the week. This is many individuals' first "normal" spring...

Outdoors in March Contest 2022

‘Outdoors in March’ Contest 2022 Time for the sun

Julia Jauregui March 3, 2022

The heat is slowly rising, we're putting our winter clothes away and bringing out our summer outfits. It's the perfect time to venture outside without it being too hot and visit national parks, the beach,...

Love is in the Air Contest 2022

'> Love is in the Air Contest 2022 Valentine's or Galentine's Day?

Julia Jauregui February 7, 2022

With stores slowly stocking up Valentine-themed gifts, we are torn with the idea of, "Do I have a Valentine?" We may have a significant other, a group of friends, or even just ourselves with a pizza box,...

2022 New Year, New Me Contest

2022 New Year, New Me Contest Taking in the new year one day at a time

Julia Jauregui January 6, 2022

It's six days into the new year. Some things may have changed, or perhaps everything feels the same. Regardless, it's great to start a clean slate every year and forget about the past. With the start of...

Perfect Day Contest 2021

Perfect Day Contest 2021 Winter break, holidays are slowly creeping up

Julia Jauregui December 4, 2021

It is officially the holiday season. Some love this season for the purpose of spending time with family, opening gifts and celebrating the new year. Many others may feel the opposite. Regardless, in the...

Thanksgiving Dinner Contest 2021

Thanksgiving Dinner Contest 2021 Holiday Season Begins

Julia Jauregui November 4, 2021

Thanksgiving is a celebrated holiday amongst many Americans to not only give thanks to one another, but to enjoy turkey, mashed potatoes, classic stuffing, pecan pie, etc. Imagine you were in charge with...

2021 Halloween Costume Contest

2021 Halloween Costume Contest The only day where we can be anyone we want

Julia Jauregui October 1, 2021

Last year, many not were able to enjoy the true Halloween experience, whether it was going to a Haunted House with friends, trick or treating, or even dressing up due to COVID. This year, we finally have...

September Friends Contest

September Friends Contest Make a few buddies this year

Julia Jauregui September 1, 2021

In a school setting, having friends is one of the most important things that will help us survive high school. Not to mention, having peers might make school more enjoyable. The year has just just begun,...

2021 Back to the Future Contest

'> 2021 Back to the Future Contest We're back Coyotes

Julia Jauregui August 27, 2021

Students have learned virtually for almost two years. It's a big deal that this time around, we are returning to in-person learning. While masks are still put in place as well as social distancing measures,...

2021 Road to Summer Contest

2021 Road to Summer Contest One more month to go

Julia Jauregui May 1, 2021

With just four weeks left in the school year, many of us can't help but fantasize about being able to sleep in on weekdays, not having the Canvas or Google Meet tabs open all the time, and just be able...

2021 Sweet Tooth Contest

2021 Sweet Tooth Contest 90 degree weather is nothing when you have ice cream

Julia Jauregui April 8, 2021

Spring time has arrived, the sun is up for longer and the heat is slowly rising. With all that in mind, we all have our go-to sweet treat spots to cool us down, whether it may be a shaved ice spot, ice...

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