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Southwest Shadow

Holding the “envelope” of the balloon up, sophomore Landon Sims and his brother assemble their own hot-air balloon at sunrise. Initially fascinated by the process it took to assemble the hot air balloon, Sims began to learn how to fly in one. “I got really attracted to it when I got to experience helping out, then getting to fly in it as the reward later on.” (Photo Credit: Landon Sims)

Exploring from the Skies: Meet Landon Sims Student aviator continues to learn about the works of flying

Rhamil Taguba December 10, 2020

As his hot air balloon takes flight, sophomore Landon Sims feels as if he is in a dream. He watches down as the scenery depicts the Nevadan Mountain range from a view 1,500 feet above the ground. “Being...

At a young age freshman, Narek Tonoyan was inspired by his teacher, Mr. Thomas,  to start coding. Through this creative inspiration, he discovered a new passion that he would be able to continue by attending SWCTA. “My coding teacher was a man named Mr. Thomas and he worked at my fifth grade elementary school, Lomie G. Heard Academy (previously Marzano Academy),” Tonoyan said. “He was a very nice and kind man, always trying his best to solve any issues we had, and if it hadnt been for him, I probably would not have taken the Digital Game Development as my career choice.” Photo Credit: Narek Tonoyan

Youngest Freshman: Meet Narek Tonoyan Freshman Narek Tonoyan is three years ahead of his peers

Tishie Nyitray December 8, 2020

Logging into his first class, eleven year-old freshman Narek Tonoyan feels the nervousness set in. Starting high school at such a young age made Tonoyan weary about the challenges, but he reminded himself...

Holding her favorite animal, a sloth, Caipa enjoys the natural aspects of the Amazon Rainforest while posing for a picture. Caipa has had many wonderful Amazon experiences volunteering, but the unique animals make her trip even better. “I happen to love sloths and I’ve been able to hold baby sloths and get to see them in the wild,” Caipa said. “We go out in the morning and look for them in the trees. I’ve seen a lot of interesting birds and held huge pythons. We get to go into the canopy walkway, which is 126 feet off the rainforest floor, it’s absolutely amazing.”  Photo Credit: Kimberly Caipa

Generous Volunteer: Meet Kimberly Caipa New freshman studies teacher Kimberly Caipa has traveled over 4,000 miles to help students in need

Hannah Paine November 5, 2020

After 18 years as a world geography teacher at Charles Silvestri Junior High School, Caipa decided to transfer to the high school level to help students easily transition from middle school and have a...

Running an engine inspection on an old Mac truck, the new automotive instructor, Bertrand Potts started in the automotive trade right out of high school and quickly progressed in the field. “I was the North American Feild Team Leader, testing out oil formulations in trucks, busses, boats, you name it.  I was in charge of testing different oils in field-applications” Potts said.

Photo Credit: Bertrand Potts

New Automotive Teacher: Meet Bertrand Potts Bringing decades of training and experience to the Automotive program

Lily Gurdison October 27, 2020

From experimenting with motor oil to working on navy submarines, the new automotive instructor, Bertrand Potts has a long history of schooling and career work in his field. “I have been in the automotive...

In a synchronized pose, junior Carson Amen and his dance mates precisely hit every beat in their demanding choreography at the 2018 Battle of the Year performance in France. He has been breakdancing for six years and is aiming to compete in the 2024 Olympics. Dancing has definitely taught me the value of hard work and how important it is to find something youre passionate about, Amen said. Its also allowed me to meet a lot of new people. Its been a huge part of my life and something I cant imagine not doing. Photo Credit: Carson Amen

Dancing Fanatic: Meet Carson Amen An international competitor striving to be an Olympic athlete

Hanae Furugaki October 22, 2020

Tension swells up in his mind before he sets his foot on the stage. He can hear the loud crowd as he halts his thoughts and lets his body take control. Moving his limbs rhythmically in a precise, yet fluid...

Sitting on the examination table inside the doctor’s office, Bianca Kingham gets an x-ray done on both her legs. The diaphysis of the shin bone on her left leg broke off from the epiphysis of the bone, leaving the remainder of the part connected to the Femur jagged. “I constantly had to switch a [medical] boot between both legs,” Kingham said.

Pivoting Paths: Meet Bianca Kingham Once a Young Athlete and Now a Junior Medical Volunteer

Kayla Thomas October 15, 2020

Sweat trickles down sophomore Bianca Kingham’s face as she dribbles the ball down the court. She’s halfway to the three-point line when she feels a sudden pain in her legs. It’s so strong that Kingham...

Adding a few more finishing touches to her digital creation that took her hours to complete, Junior Fashion student Ana Gonzalez  She has been creating her own art since a young age, improving little by little. “It’s a great way to express myself and very therapeutic. I know I can always turn to my art to calm me down after a hectic and stressful day,” Gonzalez said.* Photo Credit: Ana Gonzalez

An Emotional Artist: Meet Ana Gonzalez Her creations are a creative outlet for her emotions

Madison Land October 8, 2020

Ana Gonzalez, a junior Fashion student, barely notices the hours passing by as she’s too focused on the finishing touches of the drawing she’s been working on all day. As she finishes up, she takes...

With all her attention focused on the illuminated mannequin in front of her, senior Athena Jean Nardo practices her lashing techniques with the utmost precision as she carefully picks at a newly placed false eyelash with her trusty tweezer to ensure it is symmetrically lined up with the other lashes. Only being a lash technician for a few months, Nardo is determined to improve and become a better businesswoman. “I was so used to doing my own eyelashes that I wanted to start learning how to do it on others and it created a way to make people like how they look,” Nardo said.

Aspiring Entrepreneur: Meet Athena Jean Nardo Building up her own business from scratch

Monserrat Mendieta October 1, 2020

Once just a customer in the world of eyelashing, senior Athena Jean Nardo like most people, visited a cosmetic professional to get her lashes done. Now, Nardo is the professional and is currently the boss...

After her distance learning, sophomore Jasmine Thai spends hours in her room learning a song from the movie “Your Name”. Thai finished the learning process after a long 3 weeks, and now considers it her favorite song. “Playing, it relaxes me. I am able to work on something I love and put all my focus into that,” Thai said. “I don’t have to worry about anything else that going on. It’s like a stress reliever.” Photo Credit: Jasmine Thai

Miraculous Middle School Musician: Meet Jasmine Thai Thai has been learning multiple instruments

Hannah Paine September 24, 2020

Being forced to try new electives and hobbies is something most people would be anxious about. But as she plays her guitar, sophomore Jasmine Thai smiles radiantly with the sound of music filling her ears....

After a rigorous day of training, sophomore Gavin Ariota poses for a picture with boxers he looks up too and learns from. His workout routine includes two hours of muscle training, one hour of sparring and finishing that off with a run/jog. At the end of a hard day of training we all love to relax and just hang out as friends instead of boxers” Ariota said. Photo Credit: Seon Lee.

Devoted Boxer: Meet Gavin Ariota Dreams to win a Heavyweight Title

Farhad Yazdani September 17, 2020

As he enters the ring, sophomore Gavin Ariota can feel his heart beating out of his chest. He is locked in and determined to leave it all on the floor and come out victorious. Throughout the match, he...

In the midst of practice, sophomore Louis Santiago Fernandez poses with the classical guitar he uses to play sweet and sombre melodies. He enjoys playing music from the older generations. “I just feel more connected to the [older] music,” Fernandez said. Photo Credit: Louis Santiago Fernandez

Don’t Stop the Music: Meet Louis Fernandez He is in the pursuit of musical perfection

Truong Phan September 9, 2020

After a long and tiring day at school, most students usually sleep or play video games; however sophomore Louis Santiago Fernandez picks up his guitar and starts strumming the strings to the beat of his...

Small business owner: Meet Janelle Castillo

Small business owner: Meet Janelle Castillo Castillo is starting a business from scratch with a creative idea

Julia Jauregui August 22, 2020

With thoughts racing through her head, sophomore Janelle Castillo nervously clicks "post" to release her first line of products for sale. A DM pops up within minutes from a potential buyer. After a quick...

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