COM 102 students explain the intricacies of relationships using TikTok

A fun, educational way to demonstrate how much students’ have learned about ‘Dating, Romantic Relationships’


Julia Jauregui

 Using a different approach than the usual slide presentations, students in Henry Castillo’s COM 102 class are using TikTok as their platform to complete the task. 

“This assignment will allow students to take concepts we’ve learned in class and present it through their generational lens: a TikTok video,” Castillo said. “While some may view a TikTok video as simple or easy, it’s actually quite difficult to create content that is memorable and informative within a short time span.”

Wrapping up their first unit of the second semester, “Dating and Romantic Relationships,” students must cover a specific lesson they’ve learned within the lectures in a short video that can range from 20 seconds to one minute.

 “I find the stages of the romantic relationship process the most intriguing because there are stages that I didn’t even realize existed,” junior Chastynne Bautista said. “This unit overall has just been really informative and I’m glad to have learned the importance of romantic to platonic relationships since they surround such a large part of our lives.

Students’ TikToks will be graded on their time, cohesiveness, theme of topic and coverage of the concept. If students’ decide to present their products to the class, they are also given the chance for extra credit if they are chosen as the best video.

“My plan for this assignment is to find TikTok sounds that best relate and connect to the romantic relationship process,” junior Mia Magbual said. “I feel this assignment will help me remember content because it is more interactive and different from the majority of assignments done in school.”

While the main idea is to create a TikTok, students may also choose to complete an alternative assignment where they complete a one-minute video on a different platform.  

“I’m shooting to create a ‘Draw My Life’ type-story but with a couple’s journey,” Bautista said. “It would represent their first stages from dating to their last stage which is death or divorce. I’m really happy that I was able to complete the alternative assignment since I am not so much into the TikTok app itself.”

With limitless possibilities and few restrictions to the assignment itself, Castillo hopes that this different approach will help students be able to better retain the information they conveyed in their videos

 “Our next unit will focus on family communication culture,” Castillo said. “Now that we have discussed romantic relationships, COM 102 will turn its attention toward the communicative dynamics within family relationships. We will go in further detail regarding the ‘Nuclear Family’ and explore the emergence of the ‘Blended Family’ model in the United States.”