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2020 Virtual Goals Contest

New school year, new intentions

While many students anticipated for a more real in-class experience, the comfort of our homes will have to do. Although everyone may still be adjusting to the new learning environment, tell us about your virtual-school goals for the first quarter.


  • Comment on this post with your goals for the first quarter of virtual-school.
  • Entries must be school appropriate.
  • Students must log-in to comment (make sure your username is your first and last name)
  • The winner will be chosen randomly by the staff of the Southwest Shadow. Entries will close on September 28 at 11:59 p.m.

Prize: $10 Starbucks gift card

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  • I

    Ilani MironSep 21, 2020 at

    My goal for this 1st wonderful quarter in which I am embarking a new journey online! I plan to get straight A’s I would normally get A’s, B’s and one C. So I would like to be on top of all my assignments and work my best to get straight A’s! I would also like to be more open to my fellow class mates and make new friends for once! Those are two of my goals for this quarter!

  • O

    Ozuhakachi Akarolo [STUDENT]Sep 21, 2020 at

    1. Go to class every day and take it seriously.
    People who skip a lot of classes, end up skipping life. When you miss a day, or even a class, it’s easy to fall behind class. Nobody likes to feel like they’re behind, or in the dark. It can be hard to catch up and then pretty soon you might just give up. The best way to stay with the flow of the class is to be there! If you have to miss a class, make sure you meet with your teachers to find out exactly what you missed.
    2. Do your homework
    Homework isn’t meant to be a punishment, it’s meant to help you learn the concepts presented in class.set aside time everyday to work on your homework. This is a great discipline you’ll be grateful for. It’s easy to get distracted and pulled away from what has to be done, but don’t wait until the last minute to finish your work or study for your exam. You’ll be stressed out and won’t get as much out of what you’re working on
    3. Ask Questions
    Don’t be afraid to ask questions. In fact, teachers like students who are willing to raise their hand and ask for further explanation of something. Believe it or not, most teachers do really want you to LEARN and if something doesn’t make sense, they want to help you understand. If you aren’t comfortable asking in front of the entire class, stop by after class to talk to the teacher.
    4. Explore and try new things
    Use your time in school to explore various interests you might have. Maybe you’ve been trapped in the path of just doing sports, but you’d like to try something in the music department. Or maybe you’ve always loved science but decided to try a literature class and love it. View this as a great time to test out different activities and subjects you’ve always wondered about.
    5. Make a commitment to reach out to others
    It can be extremely stressful worrying if you’ll have any friends, or if you’ll be alone and not able to blend in. This is especially true of students who are enrolling in a new school. Believe it or not, 1 out of every 4 people is new at your school this year. That means there are plenty of people who are facing the same kind of fear and stress that you are.

  • M

    Madelynn Evans [STUDENT]Sep 21, 2020 at

    My goal for this first quarter of virtual school is to stay on top of my assignments and eliminate distractions. I want to make sure I use my planner at all times to keep track of work coming my way and knowing when to turn it in. To eliminate distractions I plan to not use my phone until 3pm, to ensure I’m not rushing through work to use my phone.

  • M

    Malorie Schwartz [STUDENT]Sep 20, 2020 at

    My virtual-school goals for the first quarter are:
    1. To stay on top of my assignments: I don’t want to overwhelm myself with assignments on the day they are due, so I am going to continue to try my best to not procrastinate and get things done as soon as possible.
    2. Put in lots of effort to maintain good grades: I will continue to designate time after school to study and complete homework.
    3. Pay good attention in class: To receive all of the important information, I will remind myself to always be listening and participating during class time.

  • S

    Sahar Koshan [STUDENT]Sep 20, 2020 at

    My first quarter goal is to have all my assignments finished by the end of the week, turned in on time with no procrastination. I also want to have 2 days a week where I put my phone upstairs for 2 hours and be in a flow state to better help me focus.