An Hour In… English 11 Students present their favorite speeches

While practicing in the hallway, junior Jose Pena prepares to present. Students who presented later were allowed to prepare in the hallway before they went up. “I plan to present William Faulkner's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech,” Pena said. “I am really confident I will do well because the speech is incredibly strong and extremely descriptive.” Photo Credit: Grinesa Bajrami
Preparing for her presentation, junior Valeria Jimenez begins reciting the speech "What is the Fourth of July to a Slave" by Frederick Douglass. It was required for students to merge famous speeches with their own personal opinions on a topic. “This opportunity to look for a speech and present it has been an incredible experience in my opinion,” Jimenez said. “This is because the speech I picked was ‘What is the Fourth of July to a Slave?’ by Frederick Douglass and it describes slavery in America from a former slaves point of view.” Photo Credit: Grinesa Bajrami
While setting up the camera, English teacher Henry Castillo begins to grade the next presenter. “I chose to assign this presentation to my students because it gave students the opportunity to deliver their favorite speeches, when they don’t usually get the opportunity in other classes,” Castillo said. Photo Credit: Grinesa Bajrami
Ending her presentation, junior Ginet Gutierrez finishes reciting her speech by Angelina Jolie. “It was interesting to see the topics everyone choose and although, it seemed intimidating at first, it was nice to work on our public speaking skills,” Gutierrez said. Photo Credit: Grinesa Bajrami
After finishing their presentations during the previous class period, juniors Elizabella Phantharangsy and Leslie Nguyen work on other assignments in the halls. “I thought it was a fun experiment to take on of our favorite speeches and add in some of our flavors to it,” Nguyen said. Photo Credit: Grinesa Bajrami

Would you want to present your favorite speech?