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Annual Chinese New Year in the Desert Festival adds K-Pop Club to after-party performance

22 members to perform

In celebration of the Year of the Pig, K-Pop Club has been invited to attend the 8th Annual Chinese New Year in the Desert Festival on Saturday, Feb. 9 at Container Park.

“K-Pop Club is doing the Chinese New Year Festival for the experience,” senior Yen Binh Tran said. “It’s another opportunity for the club to be on stage. [I want the members] to understand the feeling of performing to a larger audience.”

Previously, the performers were only supposed to prepare for Las Vegas Dance Marathon. However, since the festival has been added to their agenda, the club is now practicing for two performances simultaneously.

“These two performances are going to be stressful, but great opportunities,” senior Anna Liang said. “Time is quite limited as we learn, clean and perfect the performances. However, [the festival and Dance Marathon] allow members to experience performing in front of larger crowds.”

K-Pop Club will be preparing the same songs for both performances–Love Scenario by iKON, Ddu-du Ddu-du by Blackpink, Dally by Hyolyn and Wow Thing by Seulgi, SinB, Chung Ha and Soyeon. However, with Web Design and Development teacher Ms. Denise Snow no longer co-advising the club, practice days have been cut short and U.S. History Teacher Ms. Jessica Kelly is now the ongoing adviser.

“Practice time has been a problem because we’re currently down to only one adviser and a lot of our members have volunteering, work and other clubs to attend to, so scheduling days when everyone is available is an issue,” Tran said. “We are looking for another teacher so we can have more practice days.”

Until another teacher can co-advise the club, dance practices will be held every Thursday from 1:45-3 p.m. After the Chinese New Year performance, K-Pop Club will continue practicing for Las Vegas Dance Marathon.

“I’m really excited for our upcoming performances because I believe we’ll show our best sides at the festival and Dance Marathon,” sophomore Eman Yonis said. “I’m a bit nervous about the time restraint, but I [have no doubt that] we’ll be happy with all of our performances.”

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