Athletes Prepare to Compete in Annual Coyote Olympic Events

Student Council Hosts Athletic Events


Philipos Alebachew

Announcing the plans for the Coyote Olympic event, sophomore class president Brianna Scherschel speaks to the team captains at their meeting on March 22. The meeting went over fees, procedures, and overall information to help prepare students for their upcoming games. “This gives them the necessary information needed for the event and what we expect to see from them,” Schershel said. “This helps our event run much smoother as we know for a fact that the teams are given the information.”

Kailie Sicolo, Staff Writer

To make up for the lack of sports, the Student Council will continue with the multi-day Coyote Olympic event starting today and will include volleyball, badminton and basketball. Each team will pay a fee of $15 dollars that covers the cost of various athletic gear for the event.

“Last year I remember going to the Olympics, and I thought it was a cool way to unite the student body over something that we don’t have at this school,” Student Council adviser Michael Woxland said. “It’s a fun way to get to know other people who might not be in extracurricular activities. It’s also a chance for students who are athletic and play sports to show that off here.”

Before settling on the current date, the event’s date had to be changed because of various scheduling conflicts.

“Our original plan was to hold it during ACT week,” Sophmore class president Brianna Scherschel said. “The BSU basketball game and the Soda Quiz that Mr. LaPorte held made us realize that we also couldn’t do it that week. That was the main problem we ran into when planning.”

Senior Hadrian Rull is excited to participate in the event after attending last Wednesday’s captain’s meeting.

“I’m always driven to be the best at everything I do and what better way to show it off than to compete with other people,” Rull said. “My team undeniably has a chance of winning as we are all yearning to make it to the top.”

Freshman Renzo Emmanuel Omolon believes that besides just allowing students to play sports, the Coyote Olympics has the opportunity to increase school spirit and student morale.

“It can bring people closer especially if they’re participating on a team,” Omolon said. “It’s also an opportunity for people to create memories. My team is actually only participating to support our friend who’s a senior before he graduates.”

For those who choose not to participate, students are encouraged to attend and root for their favorite team. Junior Gavin Deleon is planning on attending and supporting their friends.

“The Olympics is more of a spirit thing than anything else in my opinion,” Deleon said. “All the people who actually do sports are going to show off what they do, but there are people who also just participate for the fun of it like my friends are. People going to support their friends and everyone at the school being together is really the important part of it.”

The week will conclude with an all-school assembly outside on the field on Friday after 8th period. The assembly was originally planned to be held in the gym, but to accommodate the student body, it had to be moved outside.

“The assembly will have some mini-games for the top scorers at the Olympics,” Woxland said. “There will also be a performance from K-pop club and we’ll be announcing the winners for teacher superlatives. Student Council is also selling boba, so there’s going to be lots of fun stuff going on. I’m excited to see everyone get together at the assembly since we don’t have many of them.”