Blood donations needed due to shortage Final blood drive of the year

As the nurse marks her vein for needle placement, alumni Alexis Drevetzki waits patiently for her blood to be drawn. Students must be a certain age, height and weight requirement to draw blood. "I try to donate blood every opportunity I get when we host a blood drive because I know how important it is to give to those in need," Drevetzki said. "It’s something quick and relatively painless that can save a number of lives, so I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t take the time out of my day to do it." Photo date: September 22, 2017 Photo Credit: Justine Ho

Due to the recent flu epidemic that has arisen in Las Vegas, there has been a recent shortage on blood; therefore, the United Blood Services will have a blood donation truck on campus tomorrow. 

“We are hoping to get 72 pints because we usually [collect] 40,” HOSA advisor Vicki Smith said. “Since we are getting two buses [this time], we hope to reach the end goal. Sometimes we get pints of blood that we can’t use because either their blood pressure, pulse or anemic is too high to low.”

According to Smith, the flu has hit 49 states and is causing people to be low in their red blood cell and iron count in their blood.

“We currently have more children hospitalized at Sunrise Children’s Hospital that they have ever seen before,” Smith said. “The hospital is so full they are having to divert those children up to Reno because they don’t have any beds. That is why it’s so important to donate blood right now than in previous times.” 

Requirements needed to be fulfilled in order to donate can be found in the blood donations packet found in front of Mrs. Smith’s room in the H building.

“I’ve always wanted to be a part of the blood drive and now since I’m older I have the opportunity to do so,” senior Jeanny Varela said. “I’m donating blood because it’s important to help the community in any way possible. It’s the little things that count.”

Students who are 17 years or older will be able to gain an hour of community service to a designated club if they donate blood.

“It’s important for me to donate blood because I think of it as helping someone else in need,” senior Alyssa Ross said. “I know that if I was in need I would want someone to help me out. I’m only doing what I would expect someone else to do for me if I was in their situation.”

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